The Tailor (Terzi) Episode 1 : Netflix’s original Turkish thriller Drama series The Tailor is now streaming on the Platform with 8 Episodes. The show is originally titled Terzi and is released as the English title ‘The Tailor’ rest of the world. We are going to cover the episode-wise recap of the show and here goes the Episode 1 Recap and ending Explanation.

Episode 1 of the show starts with a fashion show party, where a famous designer and tailor, Peyami, is organizing his show. The show goes pretty well, and we get to meet two characters: Suzi, who is the assistant to Peyami, and Damitri, who belongs to a rich and well-settled family.

After the fashion show, a party is going on, and there Peyami gets a message from Suzi that Peyami’s grandfather has passed away, and he rushes to his village. When Peyami reaches his village, we get to see some flashbacks about his family, childhood, and father. We get to see that Peyami’s father was mentally disturbed, and due to this, he faced a lot of bullying in school and in childhood. Peyami never liked his father, and that’s why he asked his grandfather to send him somewhere else.

After the death of his grandfather, Peyami’s family also comes to Istanbul with him, and now all family members are living under one roof.

Peyami returns to Istanbul, and here we get to see that Damitri is preparing for his wedding. Peyami is fixing the dress for Damitri, and then Damitri asks Peyami to fix the dress for the bride too.

When Damitri goes to his bride to get her ready, we see that the bride was locked inside a box and was very terrified. Dimitri warns her not to tell anything to Peyami. Peyami fixes the dress for the bride, but he feels that something is wrong with her.

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On the other hand, we get to see another character named Firuz, who is the caretaker of Peyami’s father. Peyami and Firuz meet each other, and the episode ends here.

What’s your take on Episode 1 of the show, Episode 1 is also available to watch for free on Youtube. Stay tuned with us for more recaps and reviews.


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