Kota Factory Season 3: So you are here it means you have finished Season 2 of the Kota Factory and now the ending makes you very much excited and now you are waiting for the third season of this blockbuster series. If you are one of those who landed here by mistake and you haven’t seen season 2 yet, I would advise you to skip the post from here, because in this post we are going to talk about the season 3 release date and there may be some spoilers from the season 3 in the post.

Is Season 3 Coming?

A simple and direct question, Is Season 3 Coming? The answer is Yes, the season of the Kota Factory is coming for sure and makers and creators of the show are already working on it. The official confirmation about season 3 will be announced by the makers and creators in the coming day and You will get to know everything.

Release Date

Well, Sadly there is no update about the official release date of the series, but if we go by the trends, the series will release on Netflix in 2022, the scripting, shooting, and casting of the series is yet to be done, we will update that in the coming weeks.

What Would Be Story

Spoilers Ahead !! In the last episode, we had already seen that the Jeetu Bhaiya is facing issue with his coaching Institue as his one of the teacher had disagreed to work with him, There are no admissions in his coaching and he has pressure to run and maintain the classes now. In the second we will also saw how Vaibhav, Meenal, and others in the group will face the exam and will they be able they crack IIT or not and there may be the inclusion of a new chapter too.

This was all about the Netflix Kota Factory Season 3, what are your thoughts about the series? Please let us know in the comment section, for more news about movies and show stay tuned with us.


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