Love Story (Telugu) Movie Review: A Decent Love Story With Some Soothing Moments

Love Story

Love Story Telugu Review: The Golden Days are back, Yes, You heard it Right, the films are back in the cinema and the Telugu Romantic drama Love Story has just been released on Big Screens, I have just finished the film and here I am going to tell you, is Love Story Worth your time or not?, I am also going to talk about the Plot, performances and few more details about the film.

The movie stars Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi in the main lead roles, the movie is directed by Sekhar Kammula and produced by Sree Venkateswara Cinemas. The movie is said to be based on a true story. The movie is a family-friendly film and you can watch the film with family, After the second wave, this film is the first big-budget film and here is a detailed review of it.


The plot of the film revolves around Revanth (Played By Naga Chaitanya) and Mouni (Played By Sai Pallavi), Revanth is a Zumba Dance teacher who runs the Zumba class in Hyderabad. Mouni comes to Hyderabad in search of Job and she joins the dance club of Revanth. All of a sudden things get changed and Revanth and Mouni life got a twist, how they handle it and how they fall in love and what happened after that, to know this you have to watch the full movie in theatres near you.


Coming to the performances, Sai Pallavi is brilliant in the film, she looks calm, beautiful and very much sensible, she was too good in her character and her dance moves in that rain song was just amazing and it is a treat to watch. She is clearly the best performer in the film. Naga Chaitanya was good too in his role, although he looks little in the first half, he manages to put a great impact on the film after the interval. The chemistry between both of them is terrific and they take casual love scenes to just the next level.

Krishna Murli was amazing as always and he looks very good in his role, other characters like Rao Ramesh, Devyani, and Rajeev were decent in their roles. Overall the film is decent in terms of the performances.


Coming to the Negatives first, There is nothing fresh or new in the story of the film, the story is a little predictable and you can connect the story to some old films too, The pace of the film is very very slow and there are many sequences in the first and second half that bores a lot. The screenplay was not up to that level and the film looks very much casual, there are some useless dialogues and conversation in the film that makes no sense at all and it looks like they are in the film just to stretch the length of the film. The editing of the film lacks a few places.

Now coming to the positives, the songs of the film are a treat to watch, the visuals, The dance numbers, and the chemistry between both actors add a major boost to the series. The rain song and that romantic melody in the second half were brillaint. The interview scenes of Mouni were too good in the first half and it adds a boost of comedy in the film. There is an interesting sequence in the second half which makes the film worth watching and that sequence was worth waiting for.

Overall Rating

I am going with 2.8 out of 5 stars for the film, The film is a decent love story packed with some good moments and few dull moments, if you have nothing to watch, you can check the film in cinema halls near you but I would suggest you wait for its digital release.

This was Love Story Telugu movie Review, what are your thoughts about the film, and have you watched the film?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


  1. I watched it just now and found the movie pretty boring in the beginning. Chaitanya couldn’t hold the movie by himself which made the wait for Sai’s entry even more intolerable. But once Sai came she tried her best to make it worthwhile for the audience but the story and the screenplay were severely lacking. On the top of it Chaitanya’s lackluster performance and the lukewarm chemistry between the pair just made it an overall below average movie experience for me. The movie did have it’s moments plus the spectacular dances by Sai Pallavi. It lacked all the usual trimmings and toppings we have come to expect from a Shekhar Kammula movie. I will go with 1.5 out of 5.

    • Arey eppudey cinema chusa ra …. super movie ra babu …. evadura ee cinema negative rasindi …. cinemalu chudadam rakapothey cinemalu chudadam manaseyandi anthey gani erripuku reviews evvadu… I am not fan of naga chatanya but movie ultimate feel good movie …

  2. Arey badakov cinemalu chudadam radara bosidikey nee amma …. just completed premier In new jersey AMC theater … Super hit movie ra edi … deniki lanjakodaka 1.5 /5 estavara bosidikey …. its shaker kammula movie ra super feel good movie after long time … I dont want to talk about hero or herione acting but movie is feel good like happy days … brilliant screenplay and direction by shaker kammula … I will rate 4.5/5 … super movie … chatta badakov nee moddala review evadiki ra kavali puka

  3. Just Completed the movie In Usa , Another masterpiece from Shaker Kammula sir, second half little dragging for 20 min In father character but over all movie is feel good and nice. I rate 3.5/5

  4. Every actor in the movie tried to pull off their role in a natural way.
    They did their best.
    Delivering the content will not just 1 but 2 messages is not easy (atleast in my POV). Honestly, it’s a good attempt. Current society needs to speakup on these issues. We need to rethink of what’s happening instead of how’s taking, screenplay etc. Get out of the shell and think yourself in the scenario. You’ll understand it better.


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