Why Happy was angry with Paul? So, was it Kulli who killed Paul? & let’s know what Toti knows. In case you missed it, we are going to discuss a recap of episode 4.

Kohrra Episode 4 (Kohra Episode 4 Netflix): Back in the past, Paul and Liam with Happy discussing a Trip. Manna is also with them. But there we saw Happy is upset with them. Manna said his son Happy isn’t smart as Happy. Is this the reason for his anger,? Let’s know in this episode.

Garundi went to talk with Saakar and he confessed that he was in that bar. He attacked because Veera was not married to him. Garundi started to beat him very badly and ask about the murder weapon.

Kulli woke up He fainted due to taking too many drugs. He started to give his statement. He said they have lots of money ( addressing Paul & Liam). In the past, He Went to sell drugs to them but Paul wants heroin. They didn’t return his money and left. After that, he went behind them for taking the money but unfortunately, his scooter wasn’t working. He somehow manages to go behind them & then In the field he found their car but no one inside. Searching for them he went into the field & saw Paul’s body lying in the field In a state of strangulation.

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As no one present nearby he tried to take out Paul’s ring & watch but then suddenly Paul captured his hand because he is still had a little bit of life left inside. Kulli was frightened soo much that he took whatever he found nearby and hit on his head over & over so that he died. After that took out the ring & watch and left the place. So, Kulli didn’t slit his throat he just smashed his head but stone. But the police didn’t believe in him.

Kohrra Netflix
Kohra Netflix

Happy went to meet Pramod Kumar. He gave him all that money Pramod wanted but on his back, he wants to kill Pramod but failed. Because Pramod attacked him & demanded 20 lacks more for that Forgeiner. Later Happy went to his house. His father Manna started to talk with him after seeing his face badly reshaped.

Shinda wants to kill Toti. But he wants to kill him and what’s happening between it still unclear. But Toti might have a connection to that murder. He runs from Shinda all fall into a river. When Toti woke up and found himself in a hospital he started hallucinating about Liam. And started screaming ” Gora is died, Gora is died”. Balbir went to meet with him. When he saw the photo of Liam that young Toti became soo frightened and started crying. Garundi started to find Shinda.

Balbir was in the police station when Raman called him. It’s the birthday of Golu. He wants to give chocolates and gifts to Golu. Raman already listened to his son is too disturbed nowadays and also went to the school’s terrace all alone. He also said Nimrat isn’t taking care of this as she found her college boyfriend Karan Gill. Balbir said it’s not True but Raman said he saw her. Balbir went to meet with Karan & asked him to forget Nimrat. It looks like Kill has no fear of the police as he is a successful businessman.

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Veera came into the police station. She saw Saakar also there. Lady police constables tortured her to know the truth. They asked her who have this plan to kill Paul. Veera said on that murders night she went to meet with Saakar just for the last time after she left there at 8 pm. But, the problem is police found Saakar’s phone’s last location near where Paul died. That time Veera’s mother called Balbir because Steve Started destroying their house. Balbir met with Paul and warned him that next time they will take him for hitting a news reporter and bribing a police constable.

Balbir has a chemistry growing with Indira. He went to meet her for a drink & dinner. Indira becoming his comfort zone. So, later they started intimating. Indira is the wife of one of the informers of Balbir named Nopi who died. So he comes to meet her and started to love her. But, that informer’s death haunts him so, he left from Indira’s house.

Kohrra Netflix

Like every other Indian crime investigation series, here also higher authorities giving pressure on Balbir to end this investigation as soon as possible. At night he drinks with Garundi and discusses the real-life problem with him. In front of Garundi he confessed he is feeling tired of this, on one side he is suffering from family problems & another side the work pressure. And he just forgets the Birthday of his grandson too, In the middle of the night he has taken the cake for him, but the young child already slept.

Garundi returns to his house. His brother doubting on the girl whom Garundi going to marry. So, his life is also not going smoothly. At night he said to his brother that the land belongs to his father but he don’t want it. He just wants to marry and have a good life

At the end of the episode, the news reporter leaked all news of the investigation. Also, Shinda is running from the police, let’s know what happened to him. Has he really killed Liam?

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