Balbir died or not? Let’s find out who actually Killed Paul! Was it Liam or Saakar? Let’s find out the answer in the recap of episode 6. Here we are going to tell you about the last episode recap and ending Explained of the show.

Kohrra (Kohra) Ending Explained: Balbir with young Nimrat heading towards an old village. Where young Nimrit suddenly went into a house. Balbir unable to find him later saw all the dead bodies in the room. Suddenly Steve comes up and shot him. This whole scene was his dream when he is badly injured and fainted in his car.

Later in the morning, when Garundi reached there couldn’t find Balbir Singh. He talked with Happy but he doesn’t do anything. Then Happy’s dad Manna called him as Garundi beat his son & later he said this type of work only can do by any Real Estate agent. He found a tip that he may be Randeep Bawana who could kidnap Balbir. Garundi went alone to Randeep’s house. He silently entered and assassinated them one by one. But, when he went to the terrace fire started. He bravely killed one by one and found Balbir inside the room .

Here we saw a man named “Shamser” who wants to call SSP Sikka. Later SSP called Garundi not like Shamser’s name anywhere. So, Shamser is a Grandfather of Karan Gill.

After that, they went to Dhillon farmhouse and informed them about the case. Liam died in a Hit-and-run case & also he said about the forensic report found Paul’s Saliva on Liam’s private part. Hearing this Steve became soo angry. But they are unable to find the killer of Paul. While Steve threatens the police, Clara said Steve it’s him who killed both of them. Because Liam & Paul loved each other and Steve failed to accept this. Clara also said Paul wasn’t actually happy as he badly needs Liam. Paul’s mother Jassi said Paul have no choice left that’s why he agreed to marriage. Clara takes her son’s body in her body. But that time she said, Liam send her a voicemail.

Kohrra Netflix
Kohrra Netflix

Balbir is back with Garundi for a drink. He said Nimrat will be discharged soon. Dhillon’s family doesn’t want to spread this news publicly. Saakar also bailed later. He met with Veera later and wants to be in a relationship again. She will be married next week to a guy from Canada. Balbir went to the hospital to talk with Nimrat and Found Karan too. He accepted them and left from there.

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Let’s know what happened that night. In the bar where Liam & Paul drinking together, Saakar came & and tried to hit Liam. Saakar had a blade by which he cut Paul’s hand. Later he left that blade there but Liam took it. After that, Veera said everything to Paul that Saakar used to love her that’s why he attacked. After that, Veera & Paul started intimate in the car and also did oral sex. Then he went to meet with Liam in the field & said he was unable to say to Veera that he actually Love Liam. And then Paul did oral sex with him. But Liam was unable to accept this as he have that blade he cut his throat & left his dead body there.

Liam in the voicemail said everything to his Mom Clara. When he completely lost himself came in front of Shinda’s truck and died. The series ended by placing all the pieces in the right place. Garundi married the girl he loved. Nimrat has a beautiful life with Karan. Veera will be married. Saakar will be a rockstar. Steve loved his son but was unable to take care of him. And lastly, we see Balbir in the car in front of the house of Indira. That’s how the show ended.

The series is not only an investigation of murder but it also explored the social taboo. It shows the life of Balbir as a police and how lost everything just to follow his duty. On the other side, Rajji loved Garundi but later he married another girl. A murder connected lots of people’s love, some of them are involved some are not but a murder also reveals soo many hidden truths.

“Kohrra” means Fog, this show explored how truths became hidden so that people are unable to discover what’s really happened other side. “Kohrra” is currently streaming now in Netflix in Hindi, English & Punjabi language along with subtitles.



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