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Kohrra Episode 5: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

Manna finally confessed a big truth. And let’s who is behind killing Nopi. At the end the series a taken a huge turn let’s discuss everything in the recap of episode 5.

Kohrra Episode 5 (Kohra Netflix Episode 5): Back in the past, Balbir with Nopi. He worked with Balbir for five years but now Balbir doubting him that he might leak information. Then he killed Nopi after an order from someone so that’s why he was unable to face Nopi’s wife Indira.

Back into the present, Garundi went to meet with Shinda at his house but he wasn’t there. Shinda’s wife said he died a long time ago. he found Roop, who used to meet with Shinda. The next day Roop went to meet Shinda in an isolated place and said police is here. Finally this time Garundi captured Shinda.

They started interrogating him. Shinda said at night it was too much fog that night and he accidentally killed that Forgeiner. He also after the accident he became so afraid that’s why he tried to Kill Toti. After killing Liam Shinda throw his body into the well. Garundi thinks must be it a setup by Happy & his father.

Balbir taken happy with him. Balbir asked him if he knows Pramod or Shinda or not. But Happy said he don’t know. At that moment SSP called Balbir but he didn’t pick up. So Happy’s dad Manna came into the police station to take out his son. So, Manna Dhillon is a big man in this city.

After capturing his son direct SSP called Balbir to let him go. But, Balbir is angry with his son as he doubts he might kill his brother Paul. Happy said, he doesn’t accept Paul as his brother because for Paul he always gets unnoticed. He also said he did everything because he wants to give the land which his dad want just because he could accept his son. Manna killed Pramod as he disturbed his son and throw his body into the water.

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After that when Balbir came into his house found Karan talking with her daughter. He peacefully took her daughter and grandson inside and locked them after that he badly beat Karan. He doesn’t want to accept him. Later that incident happened, and Nimrat was soo upset. She said to her dad to take Golu to Garundi’s reception and she still stay home.

Manna met with brother Steve and said Happy paid that bus driver to kill Paul. But for Paul’s death, there was no involvement of Happy. Manna also accepted for not treating him as his son. He also said he used to love more to Paul than happy. Everything Happy did just to impress his father. So, Manna withdraws the case of land and he give Steve permission to do whatever he wants to Happy.

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Love, Betrayal, Property this is all going on with this series. In the reception, Balbir got a call but he is busy dancing and Suddenly Garundi got a call too. A blast happened in the kitchen where Parjai was cooking, she loved Garundi but now he is marrying another girl. But, Parjai is okay somehow. Later Parjai accepted that she loved Garundi.

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On the other side, Nimrat eats detergent to do suicide, as her ex-husband is somehow present there and saved her. She wants to continue her study to go abroad but her father forced her to marry. She also told Raman that she don’t want to, because she can’t unable to take pressure but nobody listen to her. She trying to suicide also because she loved Karan and her father still has not listened to her. She spent a tough life to make this decision and now Balbir understood her .

Balbir also understands whatever he did in the past was wrong. That’s why he went to Indira and told her that it was he who killed Nopi at the order of a Minister. That minister helped Balbir with his divorce from her wife.

This episode ended with lots of truths. In the end, he got a call from Doctor Johal who made the post-mortem report of Liam Murphy. Johal said Paul’s saliva also found the private parts of Liam Murphy. Things are getting confused in Balbir’s head. The case in is overlapping with his private life so his head started to hurt & suddenly a truck and came nand Hit his car.

So, what happened right now it’s soo confusing. Paul has a link-up with both Liam & Veera. So, who killed him? And what happened to Balbir? Is he dead or alive.? Let’s find out in final episode.


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