Why The past life of Balbir haunts him? Pramod has involvement in the death of Paul. And, most importantly Shinda & Toti what’s hiding? Know all the answers in the recap of episode 3.

Kohrra (Kohra) Episode 3: The past life of Balbir & Taran( Balbir’s wife). He forced her to eat medicine but she don’t want to eat that, so he used to beat up his wife. After that Balbir brought up her daughter Nimrat all alone. Now, let’s back to the present, Nimrat is talking with Preeti who seems to be her best friend. Preeti is now staying in London and living in a big house. Nimrat felt unhappy after seeing her.

On the other side, Balbir reached Veera’s home to question her more, as they have strong evidence. Her family knows Veera doesn’t meet with Paul after engagement. But, Veera said she met with him near 11 pm and also did oral sex in his car. But, Veera says she didn’t murder him. After that, they went to meet with Kulli but not found him instead they found his mom. Kulli’s mom said she is heading to meet with his son in the hospital. In the hospital, Balbir found a suspicious man, who started running after watching Balbir. Later he met with Kulli during the drug overdose. Clara came into the police station to talk with them and to find out Liam .

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Next day, Balbir while in a hospital her daughter Nimrat called him saying Golu is missing. Teacher, Balbir & Nimrat search everywhere in Golu. The teacher informed Nimrat that he became soo much changed these days. After searching a lot Balbir found Golu on re rooftop of the school staying alone. After that saddening incident. Balbir said to Nimrat that you boy must be missing his father. As a father, Balbir can’t see her daughter being emotional. Nimrat said whoever coming near Balbir became destroyed.

Garundi went to meet Manoj Kumar and asked him about Pramod Kumar. But Pramod went to meet with Happy( brother of Paul). He wants 20 lakh rupees from Happy. He started to threaten Happy but the reason isn’t clear yet. Garundi later went to meet a Girl whom he wants to marry. She works in a beauty parlor. The Girl Knows Garundi lives with his Big-brother & his wife named Rajji. But, Garundi has a sexual relationship with his Parjai means his brother’s wife So, Rajji wants him but he doesn’t.

Kohrra Netflix
Kohrra Netflix

Remembered that Truck driver we saw in Episode 2. He is Shinda, staying at a Dhaba but unable to find his helper Toti. He is so desperately searching for his helper Toti. Bus to bus places over place he constantly searches Toti. Finally, in a bus depot, he found Toti who is in delusion. Happy in the bank taking lots of cash for giving Pramod. That man informed Happy’s Father Manna.

So, Kulli is found and taken into jail as he badly overdosed on drugs and can’t even talk. Now they have to find Pramod Kumar. After a lot of searching Garundi finally found him. A big chasing sequence ended when he finally lost Pramod. But Garundi found a CCTV of Saakar going ina bar named ” Chaska Bar” where Paul & Liam were also present. And it shows a hand-to-hand combo between them. That’s how episode 3 ended.

Let’s see how they gonna found Pramod & also we have to know about Toti.



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