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Kohrra Episode 2: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Veera’s involvement in the murder of Paul? Or not? And what about the smartwatch of Paul where it is now? Let’s know all the answers in the recap of episode 2. You can also check the Recap of Episode 1 of the show for a better connection between the shows.

Kohrra Episode 2 (Kohra Netflix): It’s about the past. Jassi, Paul & Steve live in London. One day Steve went to Clara’s home and beat his son Paul very badly. As he wasn’t picking up his phone & also cut his hair & not wearing the turban. As he is a Punjabi his father can’t agree on it. This proved again that Steve is a hot-minded man.

Let’s back to the present all family members burn Paul’s dead body. Clara was also unable to find his son Liam that’s why she was upset. We saw a truck driver with his son. His son is badly frightened and in delusion. Coming down from the truck he began to clean that truck because he was hallucinating blood over that. What’s happened that the boy why he is soo much afraid?

On the other side, Balbir& Garundi read the comments of Paul’s post. There they found Saakar’s comment too. Saakar mentioned ” This is no Roka, this is dhoka” . In every photo, they found a smartwatch in Paul’s hand but from the crime shop they didn’t find anything. Garundi went to the bar and the shopkeeper said Paul & Liam came take four beers and then left. They also asked for cocaine & then he gave them Kulli’s numbers. Garundi found a lead.

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The forensic report said the cause of the death isn’t the slit of the throat, someone attacked his head several times, and some kind of hard object is used to kill him. The doctor also said, there is a cut on the victim’s left arm & also it seems a fellatio was performed on the victim one or two hours after the murder. So after the oral sex, someone cut his hand with a sharp object and then attacked his head. In the night, Garundi left home and watched the photos of Baljit’s sister. So maybe he loved her, but what happened between them? Let’s know later.

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A man came to meet Happy in ” Happy Motors”. A man wants money from Happy but the reason is we will know later Balbir met with Veera in a restaurant. He asked about her affair with Saakar. They had a three years relationship. But what happened later she don’t want to say. The female police constable takes the hair of Veera as a DNA sample.

On the other side, Garundi found the details of the bus that attacked Paul’s car. After reaching there we found the same man who went to meet Happy. Later From the manager, they found the driver name Pramod Kumar who was a bus driver of the bus that attacked Paul’s car. Pramod is the same guy they met first and also who went to meet Happy. The higher commission asked Balbir to Find out Liam and solve this matter because he don’t want the British commission’s involvement in this. When they searched for Pramod Desperately in the bus depot, Garundi got a call that Paul’s smartwatch is turned on & they traced the location.

They found a boy having that smartwatch who said his father Satish Ahuja gifted him. That man used to sell drugs. Satish said a man came to buy drugs from him, but he was unable to pay money so he gave that smartwatch to him five days earlier. He said the man used to come in a pizza scooter as Satish doesn’t know his name. They finally found that the pizza delivery guy is Kulli, but he wasn’t in his PG HOUSE. Garundi also searching for Saakar. He went to bar one by one to search for more details about him.

The series ended with a personal update on Balbir’s life. He found his daughter cheating on the back of his husband. He became upset when his daughter said, after all the years spent on the police he is just a Sub-inspector. Balbir later advised Garundi to work more in this case so that he must haven’t wasted his life. At that moment the doctor who is working on the post-mortem informed Balbir about an emergency case. He has information on that hair sample. Veera’s hair’s DNA is matched with the saliva on Paul’s penis during oral s33x.

So, it’s a big lead now, indicating Veera’s involvement in Paul’s death but is it true or a setup? Let’s know in the next episode.

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