Kohrra (Kohra) Episode 1: Netflix India presents the Crime Thriller investigation series ” Kohrra” which is currently streaming now in Netflix in Hindi, English, and Punjabi languages along with subtitles. Here we are going to have the recap of Episode 1 of the show.

Before discussing episode-wise recap let’s have a quick overview of the story of this series. The series is set in a remote village of Punjab where a body of an NRI boy is found in between the field. Two police officers Balbir Singh & Garundi Started to Investigation of the dead body and soon they discovered the hidden truth about the murder.

The series started near the fields of Jagrana, Kinny with her girlfriend doing intimating in the field but Kinny was too disturbed by some dogs continuously barking. When he & his girlfriend reaches there they found a dead body in between the grass. Inspector Balbir Singh with Inspector Garundi reaches there to investigate the body. They started questioning Kinny. They also found a car after searching inside they found a phone, wallet & ID card.

Kohrra Netflix
Kohrra Netflix

Kinny gave a false statement to Balbir Singh, saying he came for a morning run because of a Kabaddi tournament next month. He is from Nakkowal. As it’s a long distance Balbir Singh doubting on him so he said his constable to take him with them. Soon, the media also discovered that a dead body was found in the fields of Jagrana, The car of his has a huge dent in its door. Soon the family also reached there. So it’s a male NRI dead body aged between 26-30 & his name is Paul.

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Balbir Singh with Garundi reached their house. Balbir Singh informed Paul’s dad, that it was a murder so they sent the body to forensic for post-mortem. Someone slit the throat of Paul.
They started to investigate Paul’s room. They found a passport there. They also searched Liam’s room, Liam Paul’s best friend came from London. Clara is the mother of Liam. She reached Punjab but don’t know about Paul’s death. After knowing also her son is missing too she became upset.

After that, they reached Veera’s house. Veera will be the wife of Paul. She just knows about the dead body as nobody informed her. She said two days ago at the engagement, she last met with Paul. She is badly broken as it’s an arranged marriage and after two days their marriage will happen. But due to the sudden death of Paul, she is too much upset. They also asked about Liam but Veera don’t know about him .

They also noticed at the crime scene Paul’s pajamas are down, so if Veera doesn’t meet him then why he was in that situation? In the police station, Garundi started investigating some boys but they have no information about that man.

On the other side, Balbir’s son-in-law Raman asked his dad about Golu & Nimrat. He wants his son Golu & wife Nimrat back in his house. As Nimrat & Golu staying in his dad’s home. Nimrat wants to divorce Raman. It looks like Nimrat wasn’t happy with her husband but Balbir is trying to convince him to go back with her husband.

Balbir is instructed to find Liam somehow. They print a poster of Liam and stuck is everywhere. On the other side, they also found Veera had a boyfriend named Saakar but later they broke up. So, now they went to find Saakar. Saakar said he made a song on Veera because she gave him pain and he used pain to make music. Saakar said two days ago his phone was lost so he bought a new phone. Two days ago means it’s the day of the murder. Police asked Saakar where he was on that night but he didn’t give any answer he called Veera & Veera said her not to discuss that. Saakar replied to her to handle this as this is her matter.

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Balbir & Garundi found the CCTV of 1 week ago, where Paul’s car got into an accident after that he got a dent on his cards window. It looks like it wasn’t an accident it’s an intentionally happened by a Bus. Police assume it maybe has a connection with Saakar.

Balbir met with Manna as he wants to know about some questions regarding the case. Manna is a brother of Steve,( Steve is a father of Paul). Manna has a case ongoing with his brother. Manna said they have a young sister name Charuno, who has ovarian cancer. Later she passed away, but Their brother came to see their sister. As Manna took care of Charuno till her last breath he wants all belongings of her and that’s why Manna wants all the land from her brother that’s why their case going on.

Steve Dhillon is kind of an angry person, when a reporter wants to ask him about his son, he beat that reporter very badly. He went to the police station to complain about a file but the police didn’t listen to him because Steve was badly upset at that time. On the other side, Paul Dhillon’s death news spread over the whole city. Liam Murphy is also missing and this news became viral.

A man got a information, he working in a petrol pump he informed police that He saw Paul & Liam in a Skoda have a dent on its side. He also said both were drunk, then Liam went to the side corner for pissing. Liam later said he wants to drink more and Pauk asked this Pump guy where he can found a beer shop. The petrol pump guy said about the ” Aahun Aahun Bar ” near Hangera. So, after that, Liam & Paul left there.

From the petrol pump where Liam & Paul left? Saakar & Veera what’s hiding between them? Let’s know in the next episode.

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