Kiri’s Powers Explained: One of the most awaited films of the year “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” has made its way to the theatres and while it has been a long wait of more than 10 years and made with an estimated budget of around $400 M, the effort took behind making this film has been huge and the film does live up to the hype.

However, with a film of over 190 minutes, there might be some questions lingering in your mind regarding Kiri because as confused Kiri was against her existence and why is she what she is, we see a whole new avatar of hers when she’s underwater and how she saves everyone. So, if you’re confused about what Kiri is and how is she so comfortable underwater, you’re at the right place.

How Was Kiri Born?

Kiri is a crossbreed Na’vi who was born from Grace’s (played by Sigourney Weaver) inert Na’vi avatar and Jake adopts her. During the film, Kiri can be seen as she’s lost somewhere where in one scene in the forest, she seems like she’s sleeping and when Spider wakes her up, she says that “Did I do it again?” meaning she doesn’t exactly know it but something strange happens to her.

Kiri’s Powers Explained

It isn’t until the family reaches to the Metkayina that we see her diving underwater and on one hand, her siblings are trying hard to master the ways of water and are unable to do so and hold their breath so long underwater and on the other hand, Kiri is masterful right from the start. She doesn’t even seem like she’s trying, it feels like it comes naturally to her.

She mentions this to her father, Jake this one time that she can feel Eywa very close to her, so much so that she can hear the strong heartbeat of Eywa. All of this comes to the conclusion where we see Kiri’s powers come on display when she helps the whole family come out of the sinking ship by using the luminescent fish to guide her family out. So, what does that mean for Kiri? How did she get these powers and what are these powers exactly?

Well, for this we’ll have to go to the first Avatar Film. When Dr. Grace takes up the side of the Na’vi people and gets shot by Colonel Quaritch when they’re fleeing. Jake takes her to the Na’vi people seeking their help in healing her and before doing that, Neytiri’s mother tells Jake that Mother Eywa can save her human soul inside the Na’vi avatar but before that, she’d have to confront Mother Eywa and she does. Grace meets Mother Eywa and soon dies.

However, we do not think that Grace died. As Neytiri’s mother said that Grace could be saved but only inside the Grace’s inept avatar so this means that Mother Eywa transferred Grace into the avatar’s body as a child to which she gave birth to.

It should also be noted that Grace’s avatar is still unconscious which means that it is Grace who has been reborn as Kiri into Grace’s avatar which also explains curiosity of Kiri since Grace was a scientist and curious about the Na’vi life, she is also curious about that and spends most of the time trying to fill that hunger. One more important thing to notice is that Sigourney Weaver who played the role of Grace is also playing Kiri in Avatar: The Way Of Water.

As for the explanations of the powers, since Grace was reborn as Kiri after she confronted Mother Eywa in her dreams, it seems that Mother Eywa might have given her some gifts as well which would be to connect with the life underwater such as fishes that she could be seen communicating with, easily.

Who Is Kiri’s Father?

Since Grace has been reborn as Kiri in the film by Mother Eywa, this is something that is not explainable in biological terms as it all happens on another planet of Pandora so it is quite possible according to our theory that Kiri does not have a father and even if we go by the characters, we do not come across any possible character that she would have been romantically involved with because when everyone arrives initially in the film, she is a highly decorated scientist who works there for the sole purpose of understanding the Na’vi people and looking at her personality.

she is probably someone who is not interested in having romantic relationships so the theory that she’s reborn as Kiri is quite plausible which means she does not have a biological father.



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