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Avatar The Way Of Water Review: Astonishingly Spectacular And Mesmerizingly Beautiful

Avatar The Way Of Water Review (Avatar 2 Review): One of the most awaited films of the year “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” has made its way to the theatres and while it has been a long wait of more than 10 years, the arrival of the film that has been led by the visionary James Cameroon is far from what you would even expect and surpasses your expectations as it stands away from the norm in ways you might not imagine.

Avatar 2 has been made with an estimated budget of around $400 M, the effort taken behind making this film has been huge and whether it has been able to deliver the punch the original one did and whether the wait was worth it or not, let’s take a look at that.

Avatar: The Way Of Water takes off after a decade after the events of Avatar (2009) and we see Jake and Neytiri with their own family of 4 Jake is serving as “Toruk Makto” for their clan, Omaticaya. We see the arrival of Colonel Quaritch who is now cloned inside a Navi body with all the memories before his death.

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Hell-bent on taking revenge against Jake, he leads an operation to capture Jake with his comrades which makes Jake step down from his position as Toruk Makto and flee to another part of Pandora to save his family. He along with his family of 4 flee to Metkayina Reef where they ask for refuge and they are granted that. The Metkayiya Clan makes use of the water and Jake along with his family learns a whole new way of living and that is “The Way Of Water”.

Kiri In Avatar 2

The film has been done beautifully with each frame done so right that you don’t even take your eyes off it for a second. Right from the start, the blissful moments start which feel too real in 3D taking you into the world of Pandora.

The real start is when the family reaches Metkayina Clan where we see some spectacular marine life and how the people live there as the family tries to settle there and learn their ways. The soundtrack from Avatar, “I See You” by Leona Lewis plays throughout the film which is nostalgic and blends beautifully into the film.

With a runtime of 192 minutes which is just 12 minutes over 3 hours, it does not bore you for a second. The story might fail to keep you engaged at times but the VFX doesn’t allow you to look away and that is the power that Avatar: The Way Of Water brings with it.

The film scores top-notch in most metrics but does falter in the story part which does make a good point that the film is not perfect but put everything all together, Avatar: The Way Of Water very much lives up to the hype and definitely experience worth watching in the theatres in 3D.

“Astonishingly Spectacular and mesmerizingly beautiful, Avatar 2 is a visual treat and something like you’ve never seen before.”

Rating: 4/5


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