Avatar 2 The Way Of Water Ending Explained: One of the most awaited films of the year “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” has made its way to the theatres and while it has been a long wait of more than 10 years and made with an estimated budget of around $400 M, the effort took behind making this film has been huge and the film does live up to the hype.

However, with a film of over 190 minutes, there might be some questions lingering in your mind regarding the ending of the film. Well, we’re here for you.

Avatar: The Way Of Water Synopsis

Avatar: The Way Of Water takes off after a decade after the events of Avatar (2009) and we see Jake and Neytiri with their own family of 4 Jake is serving as “Toruk Makto” for their clan, Omaticaya. We see the arrival of Colonel Quaritch who is now cloned inside a Na’vi body with all the memories before his death.

Hell-bent on taking revenge against Jake, he leads an operation to capture Jake with his comrades which makes Jake step down from his position as Toruk Makto and flee to another part of Pandora to save his family.

Why 'Spider' Was Helping Quaritch

He along with his family of 4 flee to Metkayina Reef where they ask for refuge and they are granted that. The Metkayiya Clan makes use of the water and Jake along with his family learns a whole new way of living and that is “The Way Of Water”.

How Does The Colonel Quaritch Come Back?

With colonel Quaritch back but this time in a new avatar of a Na’vi body after his memories right before his death were copied inside a Na’vi body, he is back with much more power and speed that he was lacking when he faced Jake and Neytiri in Avatar (2009). With his comrades who have also been transferred into a Na’vi body, he leads an operation to capture and kill Jake.

This time, it’s not only just revenge for him that’s fueling his anger but RDA had sent him back because the earth has been rapidly depleting and is slowly going to become inhabitable and the company along with the government are looking for Pandora to be ready so they can replace Earth and come to Pandora and the only obstacle are the people of Pandora which need to be taken care of.

Kiri In Avatar 2

Who Dies From Jake’s Family?

During the battle when Colonel Quaritch captures Jake’s daughters Kiri and Tuk along with son, Lo’ak, Neteyam comes to their rescue after they have been rescued and escaped, Lo’ak wants to go save Spider and the duo goes inside the vessel to save him. However, they’re able to rescue Spider but Neteyam is fatally shot during the escape in his chest but dies in front of his whole family and Spider.

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Does Jake Survive In The END?

After Colonel Quaritch starts an operation against Jake to capture and kill him, Jake along with his family flees to the Metkayina Reef Clan and seeks refuge there. It takes some time but the colonel finds him and it takes a bloody and torturous incident for Jake to reveal himself and the final battle takes place.

Both of them fight while the whole ship is sinking into the sea and it is the Colonel who isn’t able to keep up the fight underwater and loses consciousness and drowns leaving Jake with some short breaths to live for. His son, Lo’ak helps him in learning to control his breathing while Kiri and her Eywan powers that along with the luminescent fish are able to guide his family outside the sinking ship.

So, in the end, Jake Sully is alive and does not die in the film. However, towards the end, Jake Sully realizes while he’s visiting his son’s memories that fleeing from his own home isn’t going to do any good and it is his home and he needs to protect it against anyone who means harm.



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