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Love Squared All Over Again Ending Explained: Did Enzo finally propose to Monika?

Love Squared All Over Again Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest Polish romantic comedy-drama film, Squared Love All Over Again, is the direct sequel to the film Squared Love, and it is directed by Filip Zylber, who also directed the first installment of this film.

In this article, I will clear up any doubts you may have about the ending we see in this film, as well as provide a quick recap and explanation of the ending.

Recap & Summary

As the film progresses, we see that Monika is now preoccupied with her work, whereas Enzo has already been fired, and Alicja wants to ensure that he never gets another job. While we see him try his hardest to get a job and also try to improve his view of people, he still doesn’t get any, which has a significant impact on his mental health due to the lack of a job.

After that, we see that he is having a fever and staying at home, and due to all this, his relationship with Monika gets strained, as Monika is now working with Rafal. We see that she didn’t like her new show, but due to a promise made by the school headmaster, she did it for the sake of the children. Later, we see that she now enjoys this job very much and that she continues it.

ReviewSquared Love All Over Again Review

Due to all this, Monika is now friends with Rafal, and the producers of this show want to give a taste of his show, and for that, he wants to show some love chemistry in this reality show, where he tells the writer to develop a scene about the relationship of Monika and Rafal, and due to that, people start to believe that they are not in a relationship or that something is going on in their relationship.

Ending Explained

After that, Monika started getting more fame than Rafal, and due to that, he started getting jealous. Due to that, she started working more for the show, which caused her to miss her date and dinner, and of course, her relationship with Enzo. Due to that, Enzo believed that she didn’t love him more, and she is now happy with Rafal, but she tells him that she only loves him and has nothing to do with Rafal.

She finds that the relationship between her and Rafal is fake, and after that, she decides to expose them to the world. After that, Enzo realizes that he made a huge mistake with Monika, and then he helps Monika expose Rafal in the final episode. Then, he proposes to Monika in the live show, where he expresses his desire for her and asks her to marry him, which she accepts, and the film ends.

This is all about the quick recap along with the ending explanation of this film; besides that, let me know in the comment box how much you like this film, which is now streaming on Netflix and which you must check out.



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