Kaleidoscope Netflix Episode Order: Kaleidoscope, a unique Netflix series, is now streaming, and one of its unique features is that you can begin watching with any episode; it is not necessary to watch episode by episode.

Now, In this article, I’ll tell you about the timeline of each episode and how they’re all connected, as well as the best way to watch this show so that you can fully enjoy it.

The first episode of Kaleidoscope, known as the intro episode, is named Black as the color, and it explains everything about the show and the experience that you have, with the episode length being only 1 minute and the purpose being to introduce you to all the details about this unique show.

Kaleidoscope Episode color, timelines, and details;

Episode 1: Violet – 25 Yrs. Before The Heist

This episode reveals early details about the character Ray, aka Leo, and his early time heist, as well as details about his family and their life outside of his heist.

Episode 2: Green – 7 Yrs. Before The Heist

In this episode, we see the story of Leo at the prison, where he meets with Stan, whereas this episode begins with the introduction of the heist, which we see in the other episode.

Episode 3: Yellow – 6 Weeks Before The Heist

In this episode, we see how Leo, aka Ray, starts to develop a team with some old friends of his and plans everything about this heist. This episode focuses mainly on the reunion of the team as a crew for the heist.

Episode 4: Orange – 3 Weeks Before The heist

We meet FBI agent Abbasi in this episode and learn about her background, her plans for the previous heist at the diamond company, and her connection with Ava.

Episode 5: Blue – 5 Days Before the Heist

This episode is about the complete planning of the heist and how they are going to execute this mission so that no one can catch them.

Episode 6: White: The Heist

This episode is like the final episode where we see how they are working on the plans at the heist position and whether they are able to crack this mission and successfully heist the vault.

Episode 7: Red – The Morning of The Heist

In this episode, we see how the FBI began an investigation into them after they attempted a heist that successfully failed, which you will understand by watching this, which I don’t want to spoil.

Episode 8: Pink – 6 Months After The Heist

This episode acts as the final episode, where everything is concluded and we see the stories of everyone and find every detail.

This is all about episode details, their roles, and everything. If you want to watch it, you must watch it according to your choice and let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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