Jordana Forster is another important character from the Netflix original Dark Thriller show Beef, We have already covered the episode-wise Recaps and Ending Explanation of Beef, and now here goes the Character Explanations from the series.

Maria Bello starred as Jordana Forster. Jordan is the CEO of a multinational called “Forsters Corporation”. Jordan is opulent-rich. She is working out a deal with Amy’s start-up and is very competitive in business. She likes to keep an open personality with her inner circle and does not hesitate to say the truth.

She, later on, develops a lesbian relationship with her sister-in-law “Naomi”. Jordan owns an exquisite collection of crowns.

Maria is known for her roles in films like Grows ups 1 and Grown Ups 2, She was also there in ‘The Mommy’ and the Prisoners which was released back in 2013.



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