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Issac Cho In Beef : Who Plays?, Actor Name, Character Explained

One of the most crucial characters from the Netflix original show Beef is Issac Cho in the Netflix Show. There were lots of questions about the character Explnatation and the Real Name of the actor Playing the role.

Here we are going to tell you everything about the Beef series Character Issac;

Issac Cho is portrayed by David Choe. Issac is Danny’s close cousin. Danny’s parents and Paul resent Issac since they lost their motel due to Issac’s shady shenanigans. Issac comes across to be a great cousin to Danny in terms of financial help, moral support, and making scenes in public. Though he has a short temper, he genuinely cared about Danny’s circumstances and was hellbent to offer help.

Choe is known for his World famous Show ‘The Choe Show’, ‘Dirty Hands and More, You Can watch his show ‘The Choe Show’ if you loved his role in the Netflix series.


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