‘BEEF’ Season 1 Ending Explained: Netflix & A24 Production’s BEEF has officially released on the streaming platform telling us the story about two individuals Danny and Amy played by Steven and Ali respectively who were part of a road rage incident that brings chaos into their lives after the two develop beef between them constantly trying to get an upper hand on the other one.

However, one might be interested in knowing how it all started and who was the cause of it. Stay tuned for that information.

What Was The Beef About? 

Steven Yeun who works as a Contractor and does jobs around the house, from renovations to construction has been having a hard time in his life with responsibilities after their motel business got shut down and his parents had to move back to Korea. He has been desperately trying to get back on his feet but life doesn’t let him.

He keeps thinking of ending his life by inhaling a lot of Carbon Monoxide from Hibachi Grills but he keeps returning them after not having enough courage to proceed. When he was returning the grills for the third time and the store person asked him for the receipts which he didn’t have, he got very annoyed with that and as he was sitting in his car trying to back up he sees a white SUV behind him honking twice at him making him angrier.

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Now, he didn’t look behind when he was backing up making the SUV Driver, Amy honk. Now, Amy on the other hand wasn’t having a great day either. Her small business Koyohaus where she sells plants are being sold to a bigger company that has plans to transform her business but the whole deal has taken more than 2 years and that’s 2 years of calls, meetings, and lord knows what and she is tired of this whole thing and just wants time with her family but she cannot until this whole deal is completed.

Who Started The Beef?

When she’s in the parking lot and sees Danny’s car backing up, he honks but then honks again, and after some time because she is really pissed not at Danny but at life and taking her anger out on him, she gives him the finger and then drives off.

Danny in a fit of rage goes after her and the two end up in a road rage accident where they run over a small garden by a resident whose security system managed to capture the footage but not enough to incriminate any of the two.

Then starts the beef between these two involving further incidents of trying to get an upper hand by taking revenge.

BEEF is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.



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