Mia In ‘Beef’ On Netflix: Imagine the Name of the Actor Playing the Role is the same as the Name of the Character. Yes, This is rare but this Happened in the newly released Netflix Original show Beef. We are going to tell you about the Actress Playing the role of Mia in the show and Some of her other works.

Mia has been portrayed by Mia Serafino. Mia is an employee at Amy’s Kōyōhaus and holds deep appreciation and admiration for Amy’s artistic skills and her talented family members. Mia also shares a catastrophic love affair with Amy’s husband, George. Mia is a career-driven woman who is always looking up for better opportunities. Amy also uses Mia’s identity to catfish Paul.

Mia has been seen in films The Smiley face Killers, Ongoing Tv Show Crowded, and the 2018 Movie Electic Love. You can also watch her in the films like Icarly, Zeroville, and more.



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