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JL 50 (Web Series) Season 2

JL 50 (Web Series) Season 2: Sony Liv’s recent time travel thriller series has been getting a warm response from the audience as of now. While the first season was a lukewarm start for a pilot season, the makers have many more storylines to look forward to the next season. And now since the audience demand is in the trend we might get a sequel to the series as well.

To be honest, the storyline was decent and they could’ve done a much better and bigger job in creating the show, but since it was an experimental series, we might expect a lot more from season 2. Sony Liv will also be Keen to look forward to the second season. So what are the possibilities which can be shown in the second season? Well, let’s discuss that.

The first season ended in a somewhat happy and predictable note for Shantanu who time jumped to a whole new timeline that he wasn’t a part of before doing the time travel. They stopped Prof. Mitra’s experiment for hijack which means that they were not involved in the case. Also, Shantanu planted the idea in Bihu’s mind to look for her kid who probably wasn’t stillborn. This means that he was picked up by her when he was 5 and may or may not have become a CBI officer in the first place .

As for the story of Professor Das, he might be the main antagonist for the second season. And why do we say that? Because in the 1984 timeline, after the shootout and disappearance of Original Shantanu, Bihu, Das, the young Das of that timeline arrives at the spot to pick up Dr. Mitra. But he finds out that Mitra is dead and finds a piece of burnt paper with the actual formula for time travel. As we know that he always wanted to crack the formula for time travel but due to lack of resources he couldn’t. But now he has the chance because he has half of the actual formula.


  • Das cracks the formula and opens the door to the past , Future.
  • He does time travel to see what happened to Professor Mitra and how he died.
  • He sees Shantanu there and realizes that he too knows about time travel.
  • He makes his mind to kill Shantanu once and for all to become the sole person who knows about time travel.
  • He stars hunting Shantanu looking for an opportunity to kill him and arrives in the new timeline.
  • We still don’t know if Shantanu has memories of the previous timeline.
  • But still, these are some of the plot points that the makers can cash on.

What do you guys think?

Release Date

There is no official announcement for season 2 and hopefully, there would be no season 2 for this series, but if we talk about the possibilities, Seeing the restrictions, our best bet to guess the release date of the second season and plus no official announcement has been made. A new season for the show will not arrive until late 2021. But fingers crossed and we can see more of it.

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