JL 50 (web Series) Ending Explained: Sony Liv’s latest series is a time travel mystery that tells the story of a plane that has disappeared 35 years ago but now emerges out of nowhere in the present timeline. The show stars Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapoor, and Piyush Mishra in the lead. The movie involves a complex theory regarding time travel and the viewers might have felt confused after the complex story. So let us explain the ending of the movie.


A plane crashes onto the hill outside of Kolkata in the day with only two survivors of the accident. One is the female pilot and the other belongs to a communist group and is a scientist. Shantanu ( Abhay Deol ) is the investigating officer from CBI who digs into the case and finds that the plane which crashed a week ago is the same plane that disappeared 35 years ago. While the 2 survivors also match the description of the people who were in that plane.

Shantanu here is torn between his personal life and professional life. He has become subdued lately because of his split with his wife and has a traumatic childhood because he was brought up in an orphanage and learning that he was left by someone at the orphanage. Shantanu keeps digging and finds out about a project that involves time travel and that it was a classified project. He learns that Project A included 9 books with had all the secrets and techniques such as Advanced Planes like UFO, Martial Arts, Time Travel, Medicine but these books have been lost in History.

But the time travel book was found though only some of the pages were left. He goes to Professor Das who tells him about this story. Professor Das also says that they can stop the hijack of the plane from happening it they themselves go to the past, a day before the incident happens. Shantanu doesn’t believe this but reluctantly agrees.

The Ending

After taking permission, Shantanu, Das and Bihu Ghosh travels to the same point where the wormhole to the past is. They crash halfway through the portal but successfully makes to the past which is 1984. Having no money of this time they walk towards a motel where they sell Shantanu’s watch for the room. Shantanu realizes the date and runs to the orphanage where he sees that a man came in a car and left a baby in the orphanage.

Shantanu examines the baby and finds the same locket he has since his childhood with him, realizing that the man who left the baby is his relative and the baby is him. The trio looks for a car to reach the meeting place of Professor Mitra. Bihu asks to bring a car from her place but her mom sees her and another Bihu at the same time. When Shantanu sees the car he remembers that it was the same car he saw yesterday and realizes that Bihu is his mother. Because Bihu was pregnant before marriage, her parents told her that her child was stillborn. But in reality, he was alive and taken to the orphanage .

After this truth with him, the trio goes to the meeting place and after a gunfight, they are able to kill professor Mitra. But Professor Das wants the formula for the time travel and reveals that he killed their present timeline Professor Mitra after he paid a visit to his house. Shantanu manages to secure the formula and burns it. Das reveals that after all this is over, they’ll be back to the same place as they were supposed to be now after the timeline has changed. And that happens.


We see that Shantanu arrives in a different timeline and this time he wasn’t brought up at the orphanage, at the age of five, Bihu came and took him after her mother revealed her the truth. With the memories of the new timeline Shantanu is now a seemingly happy man with no guilts. As for professor Das, his earlier self arrives in the shootout place and sees the half-burnt formula for time travel and takes it back with him. This might seemingly be a set up for the second season.

Final words

While the show has many loopholes, the show is one of the first time travel based series which has come in India, and thus it deserves the recognition. While as for the loopholes the major one can be the time travel paradox. The makers could’ve made the story around Shantanu’s time travel more interesting and jaw-dropping but it seems they’ll try that in the second season.


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