Lee Tang In ‘A Killer Paradox’ Actor Name: Netflix presents an eight-episodic drama named ‘ A Killer Paradox’. The show is an intense crime thriller drama with investigation and action elements. The plot revolves around a boy, who accidentally kills a man and becomes a dark superhero who seeks justice for society.

Lee Tang is the most important character in the drama ‘A Killer Paradox‘. Lee Tang’s character us portrayed by Choi Woo Shik. He is a new-generation South Korean actor with a few popular dramas. He was known for his performance in Our Beloved Summer drama and the Oscar-winning movie Parasite. He did a brilliant performance and justified his role as Lee Tang.

The whole story revolves around him. Lee Tang is a college student with an ambition of going to foreign countries for higher studies. His parents were not that much wealthy, so they couldn’t support him for going out of the country. He worked at a convenience store as a part-time worker.

Lee Tang’s character underwent drastic changes after his first murder. He realized that he killed a serial killer, who killed many women. The realisation gave strength to him, to move forward without any guilt of being a murderer. He felt unique power during every killing.

Whenever Lee Tang encounters a criminal, a certain part of his neck ripples but he doesn’t feel an intense urge to kill criminals, it’s a slow thought process. During the early days of the murders, he was not strong, he always got visions of deceased people. He always got confused about reality and dreams.

Lee Tang eventually changed his appearance and way of thinking. He imagined himself as a superhero vigilante who kills only criminals. He learned to escape from everyone. He stayed away from his parents and friends. He got close to Roh bin for a long time, he cares for him a lot.

Just like Roh Bin, Lee Tang also wanted society to be free from criminals. Lee Tang became popular during the last few episodes, he was portrayed strongly in the first part of the show but later they focused only on his survival.



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