The Good Mothers Episode 2 Summary & Ending Explained: The series takes place in the early 2010s, and the opening scene is in Calabria, Italy, where a prosecutor is going through boxes of ‘Ndrangheta case files.

The plot follows Lea Garofolo and her daughter Denise Cosco, who are in witness protection, and their encounter with Carlo Cosco, Denise’s father and a high-up member of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia. Lea decides not to run this time and meets Denise’s father. When they meet Carlo, after some time, he goes missing, and Denise thinks that Carlo is responsible for her mother’s disappearance.

Episode 2 starts with a flashback where Denise and her mom are hiding from some people. The camera fades up, and we see that Denise is thinking about all of this in a car. The police know that Denise and her father are going to Pagliarelle, so they start monitoring them. Denise, her father, and her father’s bodyguard (Carmine) reach Aunt Marisha’s home. During the walk, Carlo (Denise’s father) talks about Denise turning 18 and how he is going to throw a party for her.

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Aunt Marisha talks to Denise and says that everything will be alright, and she should do what her dad says. Then the whole thing goes to Giusy (the girl who collects money from bars and factories). She reaches jail to meet her husband. Here we find out that Giusy and her husband’s relationship is also not so good. Denise continuously listens to her mother’s voice recording about not buying fruit. After coffee, Denise leaves her aunt’s home.

While walking, Carmine (bodyguard) sees her and says that her father sent a dress. She has to wear it in the birthday celebration. Police officers get Giusy and send men to track her. Denise and Carmine (bodyguard) drink coffee, and here Denise learns that her father is one of the most powerful men in Pagliarelle. When she and Carmine are walking through the road, Carmine shows where Denise’s mother lived.

Denise didn’t like the dress and denies going to the party, but her aunt tries to convince her to go and not unfollow her father’s command. Denise is getting ready for the party, and the scene cuts to a big house where her father and his friend are living. Her father orders his friend to get more bodyguards for the party.

At the party, Vincenzo comes, but his daughter Denise doesn’t come for the party. In the morning, Carmine takes Denise to a beach and takes her phone. When Denise comes home, her dad talks about her mother. He says that if Denise embraces her father again, he will punish her.

The episode ends in a tense way. Who is Carlo Cosco, and what does he do? What has he done to Denise’s mother? All these things will be revealed in the next episodes. If you missed Episode 3, you can also check the Episode 3 Recap of ‘The Good Mothers.’


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