Infinity Pool Ending Meaning Explained: Created by Brandon Cronenberg, the Horror thriller film ‘Infinity Pool’ bring again new and unique concept to the audiences, The film hit the big screens in Jan. Last week, The ending of the film leaves everyone shocked and confused and thus here I am with the ending Explanation of the show.

The film stars Alexander Skarsgård as James Foster, Mia Goth as Gabi Bauer and Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster (Wife Of James), the film is around 120 Minutes long and it is not suitable to watch with family and Kids, Here goes the ending Explanation of the film.

Recap & Summary

The plot of the film starts on the Mysterious idyllic island Resort where James Foster, A Struggling writer Visits with his wife EM Foster to get a fresh idea for his books, One lady named Gabi Bauer tries to seduce James and Invites James and Em to go for an Outside ride, While returning back to the resort, James was driving the car and Car runs over a man and Killed that man. James got arrested and he was given two options, First, he will be sentenced to death, or he need to Pay for his clone who will be executed on his behalf.

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James agrees on Paying for his Clone and he watched his Clone’s execution and strangely he Enjoys it, He then Joins the Gang of Gabi and do more crimes in the city as they were not worried about the Consiques anymore, He loots the local house and then Kills the owner with his Gang and again the same pattern was repeated and he again Paid for his clone which got executed.

One night, Gabi and her Gang Plan to Kidnap the Investigating officer and take revenge, They asked James to Kill and beat the Police Officer who was in the mask, but when the mask was uncovered, Jame was saw that it was not the Investigating officer, but it was his own clone to whom he was brutally beating, he got very disturbed there when he saw himself beating his own Clone.

Ending Explained

After the Incident, James Plans to leave the Resort without informing anyone, Gabi and her gang chased him and they manage to get him again to their Gang, James tries to escape from Gabi and in between these he was shot in his leg, He manages to reach an abandoned house outside the city, When is get his consciousness back, he comes out of the house and he found that Gabi and her Gang was waiting for him outside.

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Gabi was with the New Clone of James’s Body and she says if he wants to join their Gang permanently and if he wants to be like them, He needs to Kill his own clone and then he will be part of their team, James first denies it and didn’t agree to Kill his Clone, but when the Clone attacked him, He Kills the Clone, Gabi comes to James, He Puts the Blood of the Clone of James on her Brea$ts and then Feed it to James.

Now coming to the Explanation of this sequence, This indicated the rebirth of James, James is now part of their team and he is a newborn baby for Gabi and that’s the reason why she feeds him.

Why James Didn’t Take The Flight?

The next morning, everyone was going to take the Flight, and Gabi and her Gang members were acting very normal as if nothing happened, But the situation was not same with the James, He didn’t take the Flight and returned back to the Resort.

Now the question is Why James Didn’t take the Flight, Well, the ending of the film is open ending and it is open for discussion, There can be many logics and explanations for the ending, but one of the major reasons why James didn’t take flight was that he realizes that he has turned out into a Monester and he doesn’t fit into the Normal life, he thought that he is not Normal Person more and he is in regret for what he has done and thus due to this reason he decided to stay on the resort and is waiting for his fate.

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This was Infinity Pool Ending Meaning Explained, Hope this answers all Your questions, what do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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