Not Dead Yet Episode 2: Not Dead Yet is an American sitcom comedy-drama series created by David Windsor and Casey Johnson, with the first episode titled “Not a Tiger Yet” and directed by Dean Holland. In this episode, we meet the lead character, Nell, and learn about her lifestyle.

In this article, I will recap as well as explain the ending of Episode 2, which is now available on ABC as well as Disney+ Hotstar, and this episode is primarily focused on the Nell, which we see in this article.


The second episode is titled “Not a Tiger Yet,” and it shows Nell returning to work and struggling with it, as we saw in Episode 1 when she saw the ghost, whereas Sam still can’t believe her struggle. whereas Nell still has an issue with the intern named Mason, who still follows her.

Later, we find that Mason has a jealous issue with her as she is in her former office, where he tries to declare war, and we find that she is not an intern anymore, and we find that Lexi is still dealing with her issue as her newspaper is not doing well as she didn’t get the top news that people could relate to.

Following that, we see Nell ask her to give her a chance to pitch because Lexi wants to write something for a young audience, but she tells Nell that she only covers older audiences. where we see that Dennis has a new assignment to cover the story about the death of the motivational speaker named Jane, and where we see that Jane convinces Nell to cover the story.

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We see Lexi become close to him when Mason invites her to the meeting where Nell decides to tell her about her inner values and Jane tells her to help her become passionate. We see that she encourages Edward to stand with her, and she manages to write a story where Sam tries to help her and asks Lexi about it.

Ending Explained

Lexi calls Nell and tells her about the articles she is working on, and she is about to fire Nell because she has lost her only chance, but Sam convinces her to keep Nell, and Lexi admits that Nell is still a good writer because she is getting great reviews, and she tells her to focus on that.

Where Nell tries to tell her that she is now focusing on that story, where Sam tells her that she is now enjoying her job, and where Nell is now proud to be doing well in that, where she writes about Jane’s obituary again, and then she heads home, where we see that Morty died, and she is now okay with Edward treating her differently, and the episode ends.

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This is all about Episode 2, where I include a recap as well as a detailed explanation that will clear up any confusion. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this episode in the comments section.



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