Lauren Chamblin LC in ‘Perfect Match: Netflix’s Dating reality show Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix, Only 4 Episode is streaming and the other 8 Episode is going to release weekly, here we are going to tell You about Lc aka Lauren Chamblin.

Who is LC in Netflix’s Perfect Match?

Lauren Chamblin also known as LC is a voice-over actor and she was one of the contestants in Netflix’s Love is Blind. LC dated one of the contestants in Love is Blind after wrapping up, but that didn’t go well. LC is Paired opposite Bartise.

What’s the Instagram account of LC?

Lauren Chamblin’s total has 70k+ Followers and You can check her Profile on Instagram @123laurenc.

What do you think about her performance in the show? Do you think she is a Potential Winner of the show?, Please let us know in the comments.



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