I’m Virgo Review: Amazon Prime presents the fantasy comedy-drama series “I’m Virgo,” which is currently streaming on Prime Video with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

This is a story about a 13-foot-tall man named Cootie, a giant boy who struggles to fit in his house, but his parents do everything possible to take care of him. He is locked in his own room and doesn’t meet other children. However, his life changes when he meets Felix, Jones & Scat. He goes outside and screams out loudly after seeing the beautiful world. But he also faces some dark truths of this corporate world.

He loves to eat Bing Bang Berger too much, and that’s how he finds his first love, who is also a very special girl. To eat more Berger and meet Flora regularly, he starts working in a business. They both have a weird love story. The series takes a turn when their friend Scat dies. Cootie also changes his mind and soon realizes that his parents have already made a fully functional room available for him, from a Big Gun to a city blueprint.

Cootie soon forms a team with his friend Felix, his girlfriend Flora, and Bear and his family. It also shows the dark side of the country’s superhero. Whatever he does is just to become famous in front of everyone, but at the end of the day, he lives a lonely life. In the series, Cootie thinks of himself as an idol from childhood, but the superhero hates him and tries to capture him.

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The final faceoff wasn’t up to the mark; it ended very strangely. Lastly, the way Jones expresses her view of the world leaves everyone speechless. And that’s how she defeats the hero.

The whole series is very fun to watch. It’s not extraordinary, but you can give it a try. There are lots of weird moments that make you smile. The episodes are not too long; they will keep you engaged till the last one. However, there are some scenes that drag on unnecessarily.

Additionally, the series doesn’t provide clear answers to many questions. They didn’t show how Bear became so small or why Cootie suffers from that strange rashes problem. The ending is also weird, which suggests that there may be a next season. This series also uses metaphors to convey some dark truths of the real world.

The acting of all the main and supporting cast members is good, and the actor who plays the role of the superhero is quite impressive. There are also some punk and rock music elements, and it explores Oakland too.

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Overall, this is a good series to try for fun and joy. The series is available on Prime Video with English and Hindi audio, along with subtitles.



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