I’m Virgo Ending Explained Episode 7: Is this the final face-off between Cootie and the superhero? What will happen? Let’s find out in this recap. You can also check the Recap and end of the Previous Episodes like Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 for better Connection and Understanding.

Cootie and his team attack the power plant and destroy the regulator. The security cameras are disabled, and the police start to investigate. They find a CD with an animated film near the body of a security guard who was killed. The police officers become emotional while watching the film. On the other side, Cootie, his family, and friends celebrate their victory at a party. Suddenly, the superhero attacks their house, but Cootie’s father reveals a secret basement where Flora, Felix, and Bear escape.

Cootie’s parents ask him to leave and go to Jones. The hero catches up to Cootie, and after a chase scene, Cootie manages to overpower the superhero. As the superhero asks Cootie to tie him up, Cootie starts to believe him, but the hero attacks him from behind with a drone. Jones arrives to help Cootie, and Cootie asks her to use her abilities. Jones tries to control and manipulate the superhero’s mind, as she did after Scat’s death. However, the superhero proves to have a strong mindset.

Jones uses harsh realities as examples to explain capitalism and how it perpetuates poverty. In the end, the superhero is completely defeated and becomes detached from his mind. He leaves Cootie.

In the final moments, we see that Cootie’s skin disease worsens, and something strange is moving inside his belly. This leaves us with a peculiar ending, indicating that there may be a next season. The series started with a tall black guy facing challenges due to his excessive height but ended up revealing the harsh reality of the world.

The ideas presented in this series actually expose the truth of our world. Although it may be a little weird and boring at times, you can give it a chance to experience something unique. All six episodes of “I’m Virgo” are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video in English and Hindi languages, along with subtitles.



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