King The Land Episode 1: The latest K-drama is now streaming on Netflix. In this article, we are going to give you a recap and explanation of the ending of the very first episode of the series. So let’s get started. But before starting, please note that this article contains heavy spoilers from the series. If you want to watch the episode first, you can do so. For the rest of you, continue reading.

The episode begins in the year 2015, where a very famous hotel in Korea is hiring trainees for their hotel staff. However, it seems that all the candidates are not up to the mark according to the interviewers. But when they see Cheon Sa-rang, they are really surprised because she doesn’t have a degree and also plays the piano. She demonstrates her piano skills by playing air piano for them.

The interviewer then asks her to smile, and she does. The scene cuts to her sad face as she sits with her friends in a club. Her friends consist of Pyeong-hwa, who works as an air hostess, and Da-eul. They dance on the floor and get drunk. The next morning, Sa-rang receives a call from the hotel saying that she has been selected for the internship.

When she goes to the hotel, she is told that she always has to smile in front of customers. Now we are introduced to Gu Won, who is also an intern in his own hotel. However, he doesn’t really like it. One of his co-workers, Sang Sik, tries to help him but later messes up a task. Gu Won stands up to support him, which reveals his true identity.

As he leaves, he asks Sang Sik to give him a permanent job in the hotel, and he becomes his secretary. Later, we come to know that the lady conducting the interview is Gu Won’s sister, Gu Hwa-ran. However, their relationship doesn’t seem good as she tells him to stay in some hotel.

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Meanwhile, Sa-rang is appointed to the fitness center of the hotel, where she is tasked with cleaning the lockers and bathrooms by her seniors. On the other hand, her friend Pyeong-hwa is also getting bullied by her seniors. Gu Won tells Sang Sik that they have to go to the UK for a week, where he used to live before coming here. In a rush to make his passport, Sang Sik meets manager Su-mi, who tells him that she will help him with whatever he needs. Later, we discover that the manager has mistaken him for Gu Woo.

In the gym, a guest tries to harass Sa-rang, but she is not able to see his face. While Gu Won is running on the treadmill, she mistakes him for the man who bullies her because they are wearing the same shirt, so she shouts at him. Hwa-ran, who has seen her shouting, realizes that she knows both English and Korean, so she promotes her to the lobby and extends her internship by one year. Gu Won goes back to the US to finish his studies.

Years pass, and Sa-rang becomes very famous at the hotel and secures a permanent job there. Gu Won has finally completed his graduation in London.

Ending Explained

Now switching to the current year, Sa-rang is frustrated with her boyfriend but continues to work at the hotel as a senior officer. Gu Won is also back in the hotel, and one day when Sa-rang has an upset stomach, Sang Sik asks her to bring the phone from Gu Won’s room. She goes there and finds the room empty but decides to use the bathroom.

After using it, she notices a remote control that can make the glass opaque or transparent. While playing with it, she sees Gu Won in the room, and the episode ends.



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