I’m Virgo Episode 6 Amazon Prime Video: The surprising plan of Cootie’s Parents and what they are going to Do. Let’s delve into the details in this recap of Episode 6.

The superhero wakes up in the morning, and his AI is also trying to wake him up. We see the lonely life of the superhero, who enjoys music and lives life on his own terms. In the morning, a masked girl attacks him, but luckily the superhero manages to survive somehow. Later, he meets his team and expresses his belief that nature has become dangerous. He starts to question whether his whole life has been propaganda.

A fire starts in his building, with the words “I’m Virgo” written on the glass. He returns to his room and notices his strange behavior with everyone. There is a bomb in the fridge, and he asks his assistant to defuse it. The superhero dresses up and meets a person at a police station. Later, the governor wants to execute him, but the guy claims he is innocent. We also see the superhero’s secretary, Edwin, meeting Sasha for dinner. It turns out to be a pre-date where Edwin tests Sasha as a potential match for the hero.

We witness a conversation between the superhero and his mother, hinting that he was born into a superhero family where laws and orders are made. The secretary surprises him with comic dolls and models, knowing that the dinner with Sasha didn’t go well. The superhero becomes upset as he is unable to find a girl. He returns to his room, and once again, the girl with the mask appears, but this time the superhero defeats her.

When he takes off her mask, he discovers that it’s Sasha, the girl Edwin went to dinner with. It was actually the superhero who hired her to kill him. He reveals that he wants to stay on his toes until the real supervillain appears. On the other side, Cootie meets with Jones and declares that he is going to be a villain.

Cootie starts planning with Flora, Felix, Bear, and his family. Their first mission is to attack the power station and destroy the regulator that causes occasional blackouts. Cootie wants to become a supervillain, and his team is ready to help him in this mission. They are ready for action.

Cootie and his team are prepared for action, while we learn more about the superhero’s life. Let’s see if Cootie and his team will succeed in their mission or not.



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