I’m Virgo Episode 4: How does Scat’s death affect his friends? What will happen after Cootie finds out about this? Let’s find out in the episode-wise recap of Episode 4. You can also have a look at Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap and summary of the show.

A party is going on where Jones meets a girl named Ginuwine and hooks up with her. Suddenly, Felix comes up with the news that Scat has died. On the other side, Flora and Cootie are deeply in love with each other. Cootie shows that he has rashes on his body. Later, a bizarre sex scene between a giant guy and the fastest lady makes you feel awkward. They both are busy satisfying each other.

Jones and Felix try to contact Cootie but can’t find their close friend. Flora expresses that she really loves Cootie and will always be with him. Soon, Cootie checks his phone and finds a video of Scat’s death. Ironically, Jones uses this incident to her advantage and claims that “Krown” is behind Scat’s death.

The people of the city share their grief. Felix discovers Jones’s ulterior motives. Jones states that the Krown company turns poor people away to die for its own profit and that it will kill them too. She speaks about the crisis of capitalism and how Krown is killing normal people.

Her speech motivates everyone, and she mentions that she is doing everything for justice for Scat. Later, Felix gives Cootie a limited-edition model that Scat bought for him. Cootie becomes furious and vows to bring down the Krown company, but soon The Hero shows up and captures Cootie.

Cootie is captured by his own superhero. What will happen next? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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