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I’m A Virgo Episode 1 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

I’m Virgo Episode 1: Amazon Original presents a fantasy comedy-drama series, “I’m Virgo,” which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video with six episodes. This show is available in Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

In this episode, we are going to recap episode 1. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of the series. This is an American series starting with a guy named “Cootie” who has excessive height, making him a giant, and his journey from good to bad, from loving his idol superhero to hating him the most.

Cootie is a baby boy born with excessive height. But his parents love him, play with him, and take care of him too. However, Cootie can’t go outside to play with others; he always stays in his room reading a superhero comic book named “The Hero,” which is Cootie’s idol. Due to his excessive height, they have to repair the house all the time. One day, while watching the news with his parents, he hears about Jay Whittle, the writer of “The Hero,” selling a record number of copies. Soon, Cootie becomes a teenage boy, and he is unable to fit in the house. So his dad makes a big home for him.

Cootie loves to eat “Bing-Bang” Berger, but it’s too small for him. He exercises, watches movies, and plays games but never leaves his location. One day, while working out, he hears a guy named Lalo who wants to talk to him and invites Cootie to eat Tamales, which are the best in Oakland. His father doesn’t want him to eat “Bing-Bang Berger,” but Lalo says that he loves to eat it. After hearing this, Cootie loses his trust. One night, he sneaks out of his room and goes outside disguised as a bush and leaves, soon encountering outsiders. The next morning, those guys name him “Twamp Monster.”

However, Cootie soon meets some local boys who work in the auto area. They ask Cootie why he is so big, and he says it’s an indication that he might be a hero. Felix, Jones, and Scat are amazed by Cootie’s talents and invite him to walk outside. Cootie remembers that his mother doesn’t want him to go outside, and his father thinks it will create a big problem if anyone sees him, so they have restricted him until his 21st birthday. But Cootie changes his mind and says, “I’m a Virgo and Virgos love adventure.”

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That night, they go for a drive, and Cootie enjoys it. He realizes that nobody is going to stop him from being great. However, his parents, Martisee and LaFrancine, become angry with him when he returns home. Cootie starts quarreling with them and says they are telling lies. But then they show him some news about the reality where giant boys are killed or mysteriously dead. It’s because society doesn’t accept guys who talk excessively, so his parents are trying to help him. Later, he understands and goes to eat Big Bang Berger, taking seven burgers and eating them with his friends. That day he realizes that Bing Bang Berger is really awful.

He also goes to a club with his friends. There, Cootie meets Tabitha, but she leaves him immediately. Later, Cootie starts dancing with others and enjoys that night. He also gets involved in a fight with a guy. Soon, the media confirms him as the “Twamp Monster” of Oakland as Cootie becomes viral.

The series looks like an ordinary series, but it turns very strange and mysterious after the ending of Episode 2.

In the end, we see The Hero talking with AI and measuring the threat level from the “Twamp Monster,” aka Cootie. On the other side, his dad opens a secret shelf by tapping on the wall, which stores a big mysterious gun. It’s a surprising twist, and we wonder what will happen next and what Cootie actually is. Let’s find out in the next episode.

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