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I’m A Virgo Episode 5 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained – What Happened To Cootie?

I’m Virgo Episode 5 Amazon Prime Video: Cootie is captured. What will happen to him? What is he going to do next? As we recap the episodes, let’s discuss Episode 5.

This episode starts with Bear waking up and realizing that he is too small, like an ant. He sees that other people have also become small. People are happy because the giant has been captured by the hero. On the other side, Cootie wakes up in his room and realizes that he is being portrayed as a villain by people.

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Cootie is put under house arrest. After Scat’s death, Cootie realizes that people have moved on with their lives, but Felix can’t get over the trauma of Scat’s death. Cootie is sentenced to 120 days of house arrest. Despite being small, Bear still believes he is powerful. Flora comes to meet Cootie, and Cootie becomes annoyed by Flora’s lip-smacking.

Cootie tries everything to make Flora say something, but later he is informed that people are afraid of the “Twamp Monster,” and scientists are building a huge cage to capture the monster. Finally, the 120 days are up, and the rashes on Cootie’s body are becoming itchy. Jones is successful in her protest. Cootie is traumatized by his height and faces people everywhere who consider him a problem. Cootie becomes angry and starts to hate the hero.

Now, Cootie wants to be a villain and expresses his desires to his parents. Suddenly, his father Martisee reveals that he has been preparing for this moment. Martisee has been working at the Lawrence Livermore Lab for the past 28 years, and for the past 19 years, he has been secretly taking pieces from the lab that were meant to be destroyed, and he has also made a big weapon for Cootie.

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They want to make Cootie perfect for this moment, and now Cootie finds his purpose. His dad opens the secret basement, revealing a fully modified and functional secret room in their seemingly simple home.

This twist turns out to be awesome. Cootie finally finds a purpose in life, and his parents have been waiting for this. They have secretly customized their home into a fully functional secret room.

Let’s see what will happen next.



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