I’m Virgo Episode 2 Amazon Prime Video: What are Cootie’s parents hiding? As we discuss the episode-wise recap, let’s talk about Episode 2. You can also check the recap and ending of Episode 1 for a better Connection.

Cootie went to eat Bing Bang Berger and bought only one because of money, and he also started to flirt with the seller lady. While gossiping with friends, Cootie said that he really started to like her. However, he ran out of money and went to his parents, but they refused to give him more. Cootie is using his height as an advantage. One day, in a grocery shop, he met Sam Spiegel, who is an agent.

Sam wants Cootie for professional sports. The burger seller lady, Flora, soon meets Cootie again, and this time Cootie buys five burgers, indicating that he may team up with Sam Spiegel. Cootie uses his flirting skills to impress Flora. In the show, we see that sometimes the city experiences power outages without the power station.

Later, we see Sam Spiegel calling Cootie to turn on Channel 36, but it appears that Cootie is banned from any sports. Sam suggests he do modeling and earn more money. Cootie starts working with Asphalt Royalty and begins doing statues to earn money just to be able to eat burgers from Flora. But Jones takes care of Cootie. When Cootie returns to Bing Bang Berger, Flora gives her money to Cootie. On the other side, Cootie’s parents are enjoying drinks and discussing their son.

This episode also ends with some mysteries. LaFrancine, Cootie’s mother, has a unique device in her bag. What is this device, and what is its function? Let’s find out in the next episodes.



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