Hulu Series Black Cake Based on A Real True Story?: The new Hulu drama series, Black Cake, tells the story of Eleanor, who had a past that her children don’t know. After she died, she told the story of herself through 7 audio recordings.

Eleanor’s family itself is ripped apart after her daughter Benny left the house 8 years ago. In a letter, she said that she left Black Cake in the fridge, and they should eat it when the time is right.

The Black Cake Symbolism Explained

Black Cake is actually a cake that is very famous in the West Indies. It became famous in the West Indian islands due to British colonizers, and people still make those cakes to this day. It is used as a celebration, and in the show, it is used to show family bonds, heritage, and history. The show’s theme isn’t drama; it’s about identity and heritage, which is why we see the story of Covey’s father, Lin. It wasn’t needed for the story, but they added it to show that everyone had a story.

Is Black Cake Based on a Real Story?

Black Cake isn’t based on a real story but took inspiration from the novelist’s real life. Charmaine Wilkerson is a Caribbean-American writer. She was born in America, but due to her mother, she didn’t forget her roots.

Just like Covey’s parents, Charmaine’s parents also divorced when she was young, and she didn’t even remember her father’s face. Charmaine, in an interview, said that she took inspiration from her surroundings and from her real-life experience, such as how a city changes a person, and how people don’t see you as you thought they would see you. We can see these experiences in the series, where we see London changing Covey and how Beatrice and her co-worker didn’t like her.

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Overall, writer Charmaine Wilkerson took inspiration from her real life and wrote the novel Black Cake, which is now getting adapted into a series.



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