Black Cake Episode 3: Eleanor died in the train crash, and Covey mistakenly took her identity. Covey talks to a nurse who tells her that her friend Coventina Brown is dead. The nurse referred to her as Eleanor Douglas. Covey didn’t say anything as it’s going to help her a lot in the future.

We have already covered the recap and explanation of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show. The episode 3 is going to be interesting and here goes the full recap and summary.

Black Cake Episode 3 “Eleanor” Recap

The nurse helped Covey and found her an apartment to live in. Covey’s one leg was injured very badly, so she can’t work properly due to it. She rented the apartment and started looking for a job. Eleanor had a nursing degree, which Covey used on her resume. She wasn’t getting any job due to her color and her leg injury. She got a job as a bookkeeper in a company. Her co-workers didn’t like Covey as she had expected.

Covey initially went there for the job of the janitor, but the boss didn’t give her the job due to her leg condition. So, he asked Covey to work there as a bookkeeper. Covey found some mistakes in records, so she talked with Beatrice, her coworker. Beatrice didn’t think Covey was capable of doing this job, so she didn’t listen to her.

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Covey then went to the boss and gave him the papers, and in the morning, the boss taunted Beatrice and gave an invitation to dinner to Covey. The boss and his wife asked Covey to tell her story to the media, which would help them in getting funds and they can help people like Covey. Covey didn’t want attention, so she said she isn’t ready to tell the story to the media.

The boss’s wife asked Covey to tell her story at a fundraiser, and it can help them very much. In the later days, the boss tells Covey that the fundraisers have been canceled due to some problem, and she might be happy about it. The boss finds out that Covey lied on her resume about nursing as one day she got frightened of blood. The boss then asks Covey what she was hiding.

Covey started crying as she couldn’t lie anymore. The boss goes and hugs her, and then he raped her. Covey couldn’t do anything, as she really didn’t have anything. She can’t call the police, she was in a position where no one will believe her. Beatrice saw Covey and knew about the rape from her face. Beatrice then tells Covey that the boss also did the same thing with her, she is a single mother and she needed this job no matter what.

Covey went home and saw the beach outside the apartment. Covey felt ashamed of herself. She started thinking of Gibbs, if he was only interested in her body? Or did he really love her? Covey felt sad for her father and Bunny as they warned her to stay away from Gibbs. Covey left the city and returned to London, and while she was roaming, she saw Gibbs, and Gibbs also saw her. Covey didn’t want Gibbs to see her, so she left the place.

In Covey’s hometown, Lin tries to kill himself, but Pearl saves him. Pearl tells Lin to handle himself and not to kill himself, as he is the one alive and her daughter is not. So, he should better be alive for her child’s sake. While Pearl was going home, she saw the Henry Brothers following her in a car.

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Black Episode 3 was good, but the pacing was very bad. Aside from the main plot, they also showed the backstory of Covey and Gibbs about how they met. This was boring as they really set the love story between them very well from Episode 1. They want to make a one-hour episode but put in stuff that slows down your story; I don’t think you need it.



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