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Locked In (2023) Ending Explained | Recap & Summary | Netflix

Locked In (2023) Ending Explained: Netflix’s original film ‘Locked In’ was released on the Platform last Friday. The film is making buzz due to its content. I have just finished the film and here goes the full recap and ending Explanation of the film.

The movie starts in a hospital where we see Katherine, who got hit by a car and is now in the hospital. She has Locked-In syndrome, which means she is alive, but her body parts aren’t responding. Her one eye was completely swollen, but she can see from her other eye. Nurse Mackenzie is taking care of Katherine. She meets Katherine’s daughter-in-law, Lina, who is also her adopted daughter.

How is Lina Katherine’s adopted daughter?

Katherine and Lina’s mom were friends. Katherine became a movie star, and when she tried to talk with Lina, she avoided her. Lina’s mom was always jealous of Katherine, which is why she never talked with her. Katherine then became the guardian of Lina after her mother died. Katherine married a rich man who had a son, and when he died, he made his son the owner of every property. Katherine became very angry at his stepson Jamie for this and never cared about her.

How did Lina marry Jamie?

Due to Katherine’s neglect of Jamie, Lina takes care of him. Jamie was very physically weak and ill. He used to have seizures every time, and Lina checked on him every time. But their marriage soon fell apart after the death of Jamie.

How did Jamie die?

Jamie and Lina’s relationship wasn’t very good, as Jamie always wanted Lina to be with him, taking care of him, as the name of the film suggests, “Locked In.” But Lina wanted to go out of the house and see the world. That’s when Doctor Lawrence enters; he is the family doctor. Lawrence and Lina started having an affair, and Lina wanted to be with Jamie. So, they make a plan to kill Jamie.

Lina and Lawrence were very good at swimming, but Jamie wasn’t. One day, Jamie went for a boat trip with Lina and Lawrence. Lawrence shook the boat, and Jamie fell into the river. Lina held Jamie’s hand, but Lawrence dragged him under the water. The police thought it was a simple death by drowning and didn’t investigate further.

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Who tried to kill Katherine?

After the death of Jamie, Lawrence asked Lina to kill Katherine as no one would be alive to stop them. But Lina didn’t want to kill her as she is like her mother. Lawrence then blackmailed her by showing her diary where she wrote her thoughts. Lina left that place and went looking for Katherine. She found Katherine with Lawrence and was shocked to see them together.

Later that night, Lina was leaving the home and saw Katherine. She asked Katherine to move, but she didn’t, and we also see Lawrence with her. Lawrence made a plan to kill Lina with Katherine. Lina ran from that place, and the two followed her. Katherine followed her with a horse, while Lawrence followed with his car. Katherine pointed her gun towards Lina, and the scene cut to the present. We see Lina and Lawrence together talking about Katherine’s health. Lawrence said that she hit Katherine because she tried to kill her.

Katherine now started to move her eyes. Nurse Mackenzie showed all the alphabets to her and asked her to blink her eyes to say words. Lina saw all this and told it to Lawrence, and they made a plan to kidnap her from the hospital and kill her in the mansion. Lawrence was going to give a medicine which would kill Katherine, and no one would suspect it. Lina saw some messages from Nurse Mackenzie. Nurse Mackenzie messaged Lina, saying Katherine tried to save her, and that’s why Lawrence hit her with the car.

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Why did Doctor Lawrence want to kill Lina?

Lawrence’s real motive was money. Although he was a small-time doctor, he had big dreams. He even bought a big car with a loan, which shows how greedy Lawrence was. Jamie’s health was very serious, so Lina admitted him to the same hospital as Katherine. Nurse Mackenzie told them that the reason Jamie was weak was because of the medicine dosage. Lawrence prescribed a medicine that was harmful to Jamie’s health. Lina didn’t think about this as she already started to like Lawrence. Lawrence was already sleeping with Katherine before he started an affair with Lina. When Lina said no to Lawrence about killing Katherine, he changed his side and made a plan with Katherine.

Katherine’s heart changed at the last minute, and when she was pointing the gun, she didn’t shoot it. Katherine then asked Lawrence to stop chasing Lina and let her go. She even threatened Lawrence that if she killed Lina, she would tell the police. So he tried to kill Katherine by car but failed.

Did Lina save Katherine?

After knowing the truth, Lina prepared to kill Lawrence but couldn’t do anything. Lawrence then gave an injection to Lina to inject it into Katherine, but she injected it into Lawrence. Lawrence didn’t die shortly, but he beat Lina and tried to inject the medicine into Katherine. Lina pulled out the knife and stabbed it into Lawrence. That’s how Lina saved herself and Katherine.

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“Locked In” film writing is very bad and sometimes becomes very illogical. There is a scene in the movie where Lina asks Lawrence what they will say to the police after Katherine died. Lawrence tells her that they will say she fell from a horse. Seriously, like they just kidnapped her from the hospital, and the police will believe them. I have never seen a badly written thriller like “Locked In.”

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