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How Is Idris Kouri Linked To The Cases in ‘Sleeping Dod’?

How Is Idris Kouri Linked To The Cases in ‘Sleeping Dod’?: Idrish is an important part of the series, whom we first see talking in the prison with Mussa in the prison footage. Later, we find Idrish and Mussa were lovers, and Mussa was with him the night Judge Herries was murdered.

Mussa couldn’t prove his alibi in court because Idrish’s father won’t understand his relationship with Mussa. So he refuses to come to court to testify. Mussa is proven guilty because of the evidence provided by Mike. He couldn’t bear the guilt and committed suicide in prison.

Mussa’s brother, Abou, gets angry at Idrish for not showing up in court to prove his brother’s innocence and goes looking for him at his father’s shop, and threatens to kill him.

Later, Jule finds Idrish’s whereabouts and tries to reach him through a common friend of his and Mussa. She finds that they were both lovers, and Idrish even has a tattoo of Mussa’s name on his chest, and Mussa carved a similar one before his death on his chest, which means Idrish.

But before Jule could even meet Idrish in person, someone kills him so Jule is unable to prove any of this information.



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