Joachim is a private investigator working for money. One day, he gets approached by Judge Herres’ wife to find out if he’s having an affair and has been cheating on her. Joachim follows Judge Herres for several days and is unable to find anything on him to prove that he’s cheating on her.

After several days, Judge Herres was murdered, and Mussa was found guilty. It all seemed fine until one day Joachim finds Judge Herres’ wife in a brothel. She was apparently a prostitute, and someone had hired her to find some dirt on the judge so that they could remove him from the run for chief judge.

Since they were unable to find anything on him, they decided to kill him and pin it on Mussa. Joachim even tried visiting Mussa to find Idrish’s whereabouts and to warn him about the danger, but unfortunately, he’s unable to do so, and Idrish gets killed too.

Now Joachim is very suspicious and thinks it’s some kind of conspiracy by the Russians to take over Germany. Jule doesn’t believe it to be linked to Russians. Before they could come to any conclusion, Joachim gets shot in his car and later gets found in a river in his car’s trunk.



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