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Jule Andergast in “Sleeping Dog”: Who Plays, Actress Name? & Character Explanation

Jule Andergast in Netflix’s “Sleeping Dog”: Jule Andergast is the second lead character in the series. She is a young prosecutor in the German Netflix series Sleeping Dog. She is ambitious and driven but also idealistic and inexperienced.

She is assigned to the case of Mussa Basher, a young man who died in prison. Basher was convicted of the murder of Judge Herres, but some believe he was innocent. Jule is determined to find out the truth, and she soon finds herself working with former detective Mike Atlas.

Jule Andergast is played by Luise von Finckh. She’s 29 years old and has been acting since the age of 10. She has around 33k followers on Instagram. She’s known for her roles in Vienna Blood, Fette Kumpelz (2018), Longing for a Kiss (2016).

Jule is a complex character. She is intelligent and capable, but she is also naive and trusting. She is willing to believe the best in people, even when they have given her reason not to. This idealism often gets her into trouble, but it also makes her a compelling protagonist.

Jule Andergast is a complex and well-developed character who is essential to the story of Sleeping Dog. She is a strong and determined protagonist who is willing to fight for what she believes in. She is also a flawed character who makes mistakes, but she learns from them and grows as a person.

Jule Andergast is a memorable and compelling character who will stay with you long after you finish watching the series.



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