SWARM Ending Explained Prime Video: SWARM, a new Horror Psychological Thriller Series has aired on Amazon Prime and has been created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. Following a young woman with a troubled past whose obsession with a pop star leads to a chain of dark events with her becoming a serial killer and killing people.

However, what’s interesting to know is the psychology behind her killings. Every murder has a motive and understanding what motivated Dre to go to this extent makes it interesting. If you’re interested in that, you’re at the right place.

Why Does Andrea Greene Kill So Many People? Psychology Behind Killings

Dre, short for Andrea Greene starts to kill people after the best friend of her childhood Marissa dies when she kills herself one night after continuously reaching out to Dre for support where Dre seemed to be having a blast of a night but doesn’t check her phone until the next day when she goes home and finds Marissa dead. Her death leaves Dre in pieces and she blamed her boyfriend Khalid for her death and kills him making him her first kill.

Dre finds out that Marissa had been reaching out to her after Khalid, her boyfriend had cheated on her and she was in need of support but in a moment of weakness, she kills herself.

Dre, who is angry at herself for not being there for Marissa feels angry towards people who are dissing Marissa online on Twitter when they do not even know what happened. It is their anger towards those people that she finds those people out and starts to kill them one by one.

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However, this is not only one reason. Her love/obsession for the Pop Icon Ni’Jah enabled her to kill anyone else who badmouths Ni’Jah as she runs the Twitter account with the handle “The Swarm” and is also a Bee of “The Hive” which is a fan organization for Ni’Jah in which they call Ni’Jah their Queen Bee.

She feels it is her responsibility to safeguard Ni’Jah from all the people who badmouth her because she is the best and that is why she sets out to kill anyone who says anything bad about Ni’Jah.



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