Phenomena (2023) Movie Review

Hepta Group Paranormal Real? Is ‘Phenomena’ based on True Story?

Netflix’s newly released original film, Phenomena, is making a buzz due to its storyline. Many of our readers have been asking about the story behind the film. Here, we are going to tell you about the same. Phenomena are based on a true story, although some parts of the film are created and fictional.

The whole film mainly revolves around the establishment of the Hepta Group guided by Father Pilon. The story is actually true and a Group named Hepta Group was established back in 1987 when Father Pilon formed a group to study paranormal activities.

The main purpose behind the formation of the Group was to get an idea and to Study the things happening in the town and nearby areas. The fun fact is that The Group is still there and still works for the same cause.

Coming to the three Ladies who were the crucial Part of the film, The character of those three ladies was also based on a real-life character, Although the names were changed in the film due to Privacy issues.

Another crucial Part of the film was that antique shop which we get to see in the film. After doing research we get to know that, this shop is real too. It was located in Madrid and even today it is open and operated.

Hope you get an idea about the Hepta Group and all other things from the Netflix original film ‘Phenomena’. What do you think about the film?, Please let us know in the comments.


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