The famous and much-awaited horror comedy film “Phenomena” produced by “Nadi es perfecto” is officially streamed by Netflix in mostly English and Spanish languages with Esubs. It was an average horror thriller comedy movie which is not scary at all. Only in the last 7 to 8 minutes, you might get a little sense of scare. Here is a detailed review of the Netflix original film ‘Phenomena.’

The cast includes superstars of Spanish movies such as Belen Rueda, Gracia Olayo, and Toni Acosta. Screenwriter Fernando Navarro co-wrote the screenplays for the 2017 horror movie “Verónica, and the thriller “Below Zero” which was released in 2021. This time he is back with “Phenomena.” All veteran aged 60 actors outshined people with their amazing performances and comical chemistry, which reminded me of the movie “Ghostbusters,” but it’s not gripping.

In many places, you feel too forward. Its first half is quite slow and boring. All three actors were given the role of friends who were jealous of each other and thought that they were an important part of the Hepta Group. They always tried to outshine each other, but this time, they get trapped in such a case that this would be an exam for their friendship, keeping all enmity aside.

This was shot post-Covid, so I would say this movie only focuses on one antique shop, and unnecessary scenes of bars and chain-smoking were there. Background scores were not capable of giving chills to audiences.

But this movie gives a good moral to the audience that women are not weak in any field; they can investigate and fight too. It also demolishes the bar of age barriers. The new generation thinks that old people are stupid and incapable. This movie gives a slap on such a mentality. I would give it 2.5 of 3 stars out of 5 for the work.

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

Another issue with the film is It’Poor comical approach and I am still finding the horror elements in the full movie except for the last 5 minutes, and that too, a demon was sitting on a chair or standing in the same area fighting.

Illogical scenes came up when 60 years old women handling ghosts with their powers, and a 25-year-old boy was thrown away by the ghost. Loosely based on reality, a twist wasn’t added and presented in a boring way. Skip it will be a better option, but one-time watchable if you have too much extra leisure time.



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