Netflix’s original film Phenomena has just released a few hours back on Netflix. We have already covered a detailed review of the film and now here goes the ending of the popular horror-comedy Netflix movie Phenomena, directed by Carlos.

The movie focuses on three characters – Father and his three paranormal investigators (Hepta Group) Sagario, Paz, and Georgia. Paz is the recorder or documenter, Sagario is the senior investigator, and Georgia is a psychic healer. In the end, the group of three paranormal investigators arrives at an old antique shop to free the soul of their role model, Father Giron.

The shop was earlier a place of the Spanish Inquisition, and a priest with evil intentions was burnt out there. During the investigation, they find no clues, but they discover a common spirit that possessed a mother and tortured a little girl. All three old ladies defeat the demonic spirit and hand over the lady to the cops.

While returning home, Sagario and Paz notice that their third friend, Georgia, is missing, and they hear her voice from the basement of the same house. They see Georgia possessed with multiple possessions of Father and evil. At last, they provoke Georgia to enlighten the spirit of Father, who is trapped inside her. She finally defeats the demon by giving his hand to Father, who finishes the demonic power by holding his hand and vanishing by chanting some spells.

Gerardo, who is a student of Father and a history researcher or helper of the priest, comes to all three ladies to explain about the evil spirit that was defeated by all three members of the Hepta Clan. Before that, he tells them about the Spanish Inquisition and the mentally unfit priest who did ill activities to find out witches inside women, killing nearly 81 women.

We saw that Father sacrificed his soul for humanity to save the three ladies, and he dies in the end. Finally, we see that the Hepta group continues their investigation like Ed Lorraine and solves many cases ahead.

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