Heo Soon Young In ‘My Happy Ending’: The recently streamed Korean romantic drama series titled “My Happy Ending” is currently available with 2 episodes on TVChosun Network. This show is available in Korean language with English subtitles. Do checkout; we have posted a recap of episodes. With recaps, we’re also going to give you a detailed character explanation of all characters of the show.

We’re going to tell you about the character of Heo Soon Young.

Heo Soon Young is played by Korean actor Son Ho Jun. He’s playing the role of the husband of Seo Jae Won. Heo is a careful husband and a lovable father. He and Seo have a pretty daughter. But there is something going on with Heo in the show. Seo saw Heo with her high school friend Yoon Jin, and at that moment, Seo thought he’s cheating because he was hiding many things from her.

Ah Rin, the daughter of Heo and Jae, loves him a lot. He goes everywhere with Ah Rin, dropping her off at kindergarten. The family of three lives happily.

Heo is a freelancer designer. He wasn’t born in a wealthy family, but he knows everything about how to make everything perfect and look classy. But Heo hid some secrets from Jae Won, like he changed his gym and didn’t even tell her about it. When Jae Won goes to her gym, at that time, she came to know that Heo changed his gym. To know about it in detail, do checkout the episode 1 recap.

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Heo and Ah Rin were secretly meeting with Yoon Jin, and Jae Won witnessed that thing. Heo is a very proud husband because her wife is a CEO of a very big company.



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