Yoon Te Ho in ‘My Happy Ending’: The newly released Korean romantic mystery suspense drama series is available to stream on TvChosun Network in Korean language with English subtitles. The show generated great hype among Korean fans and audiences. We have also posted a detailed recap of episodes on our site; do check out. Fans are curious to know about the characters of the show, so here we’re covering that too.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Yoon Te Ho.

Yoon Te Ho is played by Korean actor Lee Ki Taek. Yoon Te Ho looks like a suspicious character in the show. When Jae Won was alone in her cabin, the black hoodie guy entered her cabin suddenly. After that scene, Yoon appeared in her cabin. Yoon Te Ho is also working in Jae Won’s office. In the company Dreve Furniture, the role of Yoon is the Design Team Leader.

Jae Won goes into the parking area of the office, and she sees the same black t-shirt and cap in Yoon’s car. After that, Jae Won started doubting him, and the doubts on Yoon were on the next level. There was so much trouble already going on in Jae’s life, and after that, this also comes up.

At the end of Episode 1, the black hoodie guy also throws Jae into the lake, and after the same moment, she was admitted to the hospital, and Yoon was present there before Jae’s husband. Due to those things, all doubts go on Yoon that he can be the guy who’s trying to kill Jae Won.

More episodes to come, and we will tell you about more characters. We will post regular character explanations. Do stay tuned with us.



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