"Hazbin Hotel" Episode 3 : Recap and Explained

“Hazbin Hotel” Episode 3 : Recap and Explained

“Hazbin Hotel” Episode 3: “Hazbin Hotel” is a recently streamed Amazon Prime Video original American adult animated comedy show, which is available with 6 episodes in multiple languages. The show is available in Hindi also for Indian audiences with multi-language subs. The show is available globally for Prime Video subscribers.

Episode 3 starts with Charlie decorating the hotel for Sir Pentious. Pentious said he is looking to shoot other residents. Pentious said he must be prepared; he got more parcels. He received a carmine from the top weapon dealer. Vaggie said he can’t build weapons in the hotel.

Vaggie said to Pentious that he couldn’t bring his eggs inside the hotel. On the other side, Alastor was having his breakfast. Charlie was thanking everyone for coming. Charlie gave an idea of trust exercises.

Vaggie said to Charlie, “Let’s get started.” Vaggie said to everyone that everyone has to share something now in front of all the residents of the hotel. Charlie started with “I love you all, guys.” After that, Angel comes on the stage. He said he loves to lick popsicles.

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After that, Sir Pentious; he was talking about his minions. Niffty comes next, and she made everyone scared. All the egg bois were living with Alastor. Suddenly, one more demon, Zestial, came in the way of Alastor. They were roaming in the city, but everyone was scared to see them together.

Zestial and Alastor were discussing demons and redemption. Alastor left egg bois outside the left, but one egg boi gone accidentally on the top floor, and he was scared. They went to Carmila; she was giving a speech. Everyone also welcomed back Alastor.

Velvette also joins the meeting of demons; Zestial was telling everyone about war. Carmila got angry with Velvette; she was showing her anger on Velvette by singing a song. Carmila announced the meeting is over.

Velvette was behaving very rude. Alastor gave a job to Egg Boi. On the other side, in the hotel, everyone was busy. Angel took Charlie, Vaggie, and Pentious to another place. After that, Pentious showed them a place where war was going on. Pentious said he can’t fight without minions; Vaggie gave an order to Angel that he has to bring residents to the hotel.

Vaggie was saying to Charlie that she wanted to bring Charlie’s dreams to reality. Charlie was disheartened, and she was saying, “Let’s go home.” Carmila was having a drink; Zestial asks what troubles her. Zestial starts singing for Carmila that was based on friendship.

Vaggie was missing Charlie because they both had an argument. She was also singing for Charlie, which was a friendship song. On the other side, egg bois were behaving mischievously on the ground floor.

Alastor trained that Egg Boi. Vaggie gets back, and Charlie says sorry to her. Charlie showed that because of Vaggie’s exercise, only everyone in the hotel is living happily. Pentious, Angel, and everyone were happy. Suddenly, Alastor came back, and Vaggie gave Pentious eggs back to him. Charlie and Vaggie were happy.

Eggs were telling about their day to Pentious; his day was awesome with Alastor. Accidentally, an egg said, “Nice lady killed an angel,” but Pentious said good night, and the episode 3 ends.

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