“Hazbin Hotel” Episode 1: “Hazbin Hotel” is a recently streamed Amazon Prime Video original American adult animated comedy show, which is streaming on a weekly basis. The show is getting so much love from audiences. Due to so much excitement, we decided to post a recap of all episodes. Here, we’re presenting the recap of episode 1.

Episode 1 starts with a glow city named “Heaven”; after that, we see the story of Lucifer. His thinking was very high, due to that he got punishment. After that, we see the story of Adam and Eve, and Eve ate an apple, and with that, Eve also got a sin. And with that sin, Eve and Lucifer were thrown into the demon land Hell.

Lilith’s daughter, Charlie, was appointed after her. She was reading a book about the story of Hell. Charlie hasn’t talked to her mom since the last 7 years; suddenly, the bell starts ringing.

After that, we get to know more about Charlie Morningstar, who’s known as Lucifer’s Daughter, which was an advertisement for the Hazbin Hotel. Charlie said it is amazing, but at the same time, she wanted changes in the advertisement. Vaggie also didn’t like that ad. They both tried to make Alastor understand about the advertisement.

Both of them getting angry on Alastor, suddenly, Angel came, who was a famous p**n star of that town. But Charlie and Vaggie didn’t want Angel to do the promotion of the hotel. Vaggie tried very hard to make Angel understand that they don’t want him for their advertising campaign.

Suddenly, Charlie received a call from her dad; she was feeling very happy. She shared that news with Vaggie, and Lucifer wanted to meet the angel army to motivate herself. Charlie started singing a song; she was singing happily and dancing with Vaggie.

Charlie reaches a creepy place; she was shouting hello, but no one replied. Suddenly, she meets Adam. They tried to handshake, but Adam wasn’t present at that place for real. Charlie was saying about her project to Adam; he said to slow down. Adam offered lunch, but the lunch wasn’t real.

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On the other side, Vaggie started shooting for the advertisement. In that, she was focusing the camera on Husk and Angel. Adam and Charlie were sitting together; Charlie wasn’t getting any interest in the talks of Adam. Adam introduced him as “Dic*master,” Charlie was telling her problem to Adam.

Vaggie gave a dialogue to Nifty, but she wasn’t saying anything in front of the camera. Vaggie was getting confused; she thought what will she do next because no one was interested in the ad. Vaggie was getting angry on Alastor; Vaggie said to him that she wanted an interesting ad. Alastor said let’s make a deal, and Vaggie agreed, and she said let’s make the commercial.

On the other side, Charlie said we have a problem in Hell, which is overpopulation. Adam was laughing at Charlie; Adam said angels don’t make mistakes. Charlie started singing a song on her Hazbin Hotel to make Adam realize about her population.

Adam also started singing a song to make Charlie understand that demons will be burnt forever. Charlie leaves Adam’s place, Charlie reaches Hazbin Hotel, and she came to know that everyone made a new commercial. She was very happy.

The ad didn’t get telecasted; Adam and his people said there won’t be any other demon alive because one of the angels got dead, and episode 1 ends.

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