“Hazbin Hotel” Episode 2 : “Hazbin Hotel” is a recently streamed Amazon Prime Video original American adult animated comedy show, which is available with 6 episodes. We have decided to post the recap of all episodes from this show; we have already posted the recap of episode 1, so do stay tuned for more episodes.

Episode 2 starts with Charlie discussing her hotel; Angel was also sitting with them. The news circulated that one Angel died, and Charlie said this is the perfect time to recruit sinners for the hotel.

Sir Pentious came in search of Alastor. Alastor said he doesn’t even know Sir Pentious. On the other side, one news with Voxtex was getting viral, and suddenly he gets a call from Vaggie. Vaggie complained about that new guy to Voxtex.

Vox steps outside, and reporters wanted some information from him. Vox said he’s shifting to security now. Vox wanted to work on Angelic security from now onwards. Vaggie meets Vox. Vox finally meets Valentino; he was angry, and Valentino was talking about Angel Dust. He was getting more furious with Angel Dust.

Vox tried to make Valentino understand; they were discussing the contract. Valentino came to know that Alastor is living with Charlie, who is Lucifer’s Daughter, and Vox was shocked when he came to know about it.

Alastor showcased his new project to everyone. Vox was very angry when he came to know that Alastor is back; Vox has grudges against Alastor. In his anger, Vox started singing a song. Alastor also started a song about a wish; it looks like Alastor is a strong demon. Valentino and Vox were discussing about Alastor. Sir Pentious was back, and he was behaving very peacefully with them.

Angel was saying about Pentious that he was about to kill us, now Charlie is welcoming that guy into the hotel. Charlie happily welcomed Pentious to Hazbin Hotel. Charlie told Pentious about her hotel everything. Angel was feeling bad.

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Pentious met everyone; Pentious met Alastor. After that, Charlie was saying that with our new resident of the hotel, we should play a game, and they played a game. Everyone was introducing themselves with a poem; they were doing a skit to know more about each other.

Charlie said to Pentious that at this rate, he will be redeemed soon. Angel said he’s going to bed; he was feeling very bad. Angel received so many voicemails from Valentino. Valentino likes Angel so much; Angel was feeling very lonely, so he grabbed a drink bottle.

Suddenly, Angel sees Pentious doing something in the house, and he sees that Pentious is trying to fit a camera in the house. When Charlie and Vaggie came, Pentious started behaving casually, and everyone caught Pentious. He was talking to Vox, and he said he wanted an execution, but Vox declined his request. Pentious started crying when Vox said, “Go kill yourself.” Charlie started singing a sorry song for the moment.

Pentious apologized to everyone, and Alastor also talked to Vox, and the episode 2 ends.

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