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Hamilton Part 2 Disney Sequel: Let’s be honest here Hamilton as a play was one of the biggest hits which came out of the theatre in a long time. The drama swept away 16 Tony Awards recently. This was the reason why Disney+ decided to make it as a movie to show the essence of the play in the form of a movie.

This was a blessing for all the people who were not able to get a hold of the tickets while the play was going on because of the full house. Disney basically went all out to get the deal of Hamilton. It is reported that they bought the rights for a whopping 75 million dollars. Hence Disney+ might have thought of the future of the movie.

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If you’re not familiar with the background of Hamilton let us tell you. Hamilton is based on the real-life struggles of one of the founding fathers of America – Alexander Hamilton. The source for the show is Ron Chernow’s biographical novel, ‘Alexander Hamilton. Viewers were mesmerized by the beauty of the show and are wondering for a possible sequel.

Will There Be a Sequel?

Fans are waiting for a release date but let’s make this clear that the idea for a sequel hasn’t even been made official as of now. And if we see the past records, it is very rare that the Broadway shows get a sequel. Plus since the show is based on the real-life incident hence you cannot go far from the story. Also since at the end of the story, Hamilton gets shot and dies thus ending his story.

Hamilton 2 Release Date

We can not go into a possibility just for the sake of making money that he gets alive and continues the story. But since Disney+ has spent a fortune in making the movie, they might as well go with the idea of a sequel. Talking about the release date there is only flying news about a sequel and there is not a single official commitment for the sequel hence looking the pandemic and if the idea of the sequel gets greenlit then we can say that the sequel might arrive sometime late in 2023.

What can it be about?

As we said, the movie is based on a real-life and we cannot go far from the actual story. We also know that Hamilton dies at the end and thus dragging his story for another 2 hours will not make much sense. Hence for the sequel, the makers can look forward to other personalities. A sequel might revolve around Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. This would make it a famous franchise. Plus if the sequel solely focuses on Hamilton’s killer Aaron Burr, it can also be a great idea. People might get to know the insight of his mind and what process did he go before doing what he did.


Well for starters, if the sequel includes characters of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, we might see Christopher Jackson, or Daveed Diggs to reprise their roles. On the other hand, if the sequel focusses on Aaron Burr (or includes his character), Leslie Odom Jr. might reprise his role.

Stay tuned with us, we would provide you more details about the movie, if we found any, till then follow us on social media handles for faster and clear updates.

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