Movies and Series Like Unsolved Mysteries: Let’s be honest, once you start watching shows and movies based on true crime there is no going back. It is so addictive just to watch the series which includes gruesome murders and serious happenings. I’m not being a psychopath but still, it is all addictive.

We like to watch how the murders take place and how it took place in real, we continuously think about what was going through the mind of a killer and how did he/she chose the victims. It’s just so fascinating. Watching comedy shows while eating dinner is old school now and fans of true crime prefer to eat while watching these shows. Some shows which are based on true crime are Mindhunter ( absolute favorite ) and recently released Unsolved Mysteries.

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Talking about Unsolved Mysteries, the show tells us about the cases which seem practically Impossible and we think how can this happen in real life. The show tells stories from gruesome killings, Rape, Posthumously torturing of bodies, paranormal activities, mysterious disappearances, and many more. Now tell me how one cannot get addicted to these above-mentioned cases, one episode genuinely showed the disappearance of town members possibly by a UFO. People are liking the show very much and thus are searching for alternatives to their favorite show and we are here to tell you that.

Well for those who haven’t watched Mindhunter, you better start it now because then only you will realize what I mean. Here goes the Movies and Series Like Unsolved Mysteries.

BuzzFeed Unsolved

BuzzFeed Unsolved is a 2016 show by BuzzFeed which shows similar happenings like murders, disappearances, paranormal activity, UFOs and etc. What makes it different from UM is that it has a little bit of humor to release the tensions and thus it makes for a perfect watch.


The show started in 2009 and focused on one particular sub-genre of true crime which is the mysterious disappearance of people. The series a documentary based format with people telling stories about their friends’ loved ones and how they disappeared without a trace. The show beautifully captures the emotions of the teller and has some brilliant twist and turns to make it more exciting.

The Confession Tapes

This 2017 series is another feather in the cap for the true crime genre. Sometimes even we don’t know what actually happened as some crime remains cold and the victims are not caught, like that the show contains a bit of uncertainty which makes it an engrossing watch. The show focuses on the false confession and it tries to look into what actually might have happened.

Trial By Media

This 2020 documentary series is good as it goes on, trial by Media is nowadays a daily thing, something happens at 3 pm and there will be a debate regarding the rights and wrongs of it by 6 pm. The show beautifully captures the moments and shows us the reality of how media can influence people on a larger scale, how it can cause ripples of destruction in a person’s life. And sometimes not letting justice to happen or obstructing it

The Innocence Files

How many times have we heard the confession of a person who committed a gruesome crime? Well, we certainly get all ears and eyes for that, and to a point where it doesn’t feel disturbing at all. But how about a person who was framed for the crime he didn’t commit? What about his suffering? The show brilliantly tackles these plot points and shows the story of the people who were taken wrongly and convicted. Listening to their stories alone makes it a disturbing watch.

American Crime Story

The show debuted in 2016 and has been a fan favorite since then, the show is a perfect example of making a true crime story. What makes this show intriguing is that it captures every tiny little detail about the crimes that took place and takes a whole season to show a case from the past. The show focuses on a high profile case each season. Example:- The murder of Gianni Versace.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Last but not the least in any way, This show was presented by Alfred Hitchcock and boy the name speaks for itself. The stories in the show were fictional, but it didn’t seem like that. The actors did a wonderful job to make like we were watching a real story. Each episode tells a different story that is narrated by Hitchcock. Plus the twist and turns genuinely make our jaw drop.

So this was the list of Movies and Series Like Unsolved Mysteries, hope you liked it, If you have any other movie or show in the mind, let us know in the comment box, for more posts like this on web and digital world, stay tuned with us.


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